Football, Rivalries, and Redemption


Not too long ago, my friends and I lunched at TART. Over the course of the conversation, we recounted the many great times we shared together, specifically our trips during college to visit our best friends, Jennie Finch and Brianna Glenn*, at the University of Arizona. Jennie is the best softball pitcher in the United States and Brianna won Nationals (and they’re now training for the 2008 Olympics), so visiting them was always a treat because they were like mini-celebrities in the small town of Tucson.

As we laughed and relived great sports moments, a blank smile was pasted on JD’s face. When Brianna rhetorically asked if he thought college football was the best, he simply replied, I really don’t know…I’ve never been to a live game. We all fell quiet. And I felt like the WORST WIFE EVER. How did I not know he’s never been to a game?!

Long after the Sunday brunch at TART, I still couldn’t forget that JD hadn’t been to a real football game—complete with roaring fans, a stellar band, and nachos. Ooooh, nachos! So I decided to do something about it.

For our two-year anniversary, I surprised JD with football tickets to the best Southern California rivalry: USC Trojans VS. UCLA Bruins. The look of shock on his face when he saw the tickets was worth the cost of admission alone! We are so excited to go to the big game tomorrow and we know we’re going to have a blast! JD’s been away again this week, so tomorrow we’re planning on spending the weekend relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. After the game, we’re driving up the coast for a great dinner and a night away. I can’t wait!

And in case anyone is watching the game, be sure to look for us…we’ll be the ones donning the Blue&Gold and manically screaming for the best team! Go Bruins! 😉

**As a sidenote: The lovely people from Blu Domain hooked Brianna up with a phatty website…I’ve said it before, but I appreciate everything they do! They’re simply awesome. And be sure to check out Jay Reilly’s images on her website…he captured the raddest pictures of Bri! He’s so sick!**