Free Range Make Out Session


If you follow me on twitter, this won’t be breaking news, but JD and I have gone organic. Not like Birkenstock wearing, tie-dye shirting, VW bus driving, organic…just we-need-to-make-change organic. After talking to close friends about food and the importance it plays in our health, we started making wiser decisions about how we ate. It wasn’t, however, until we watched Food, Inc that it flipped our worlds upside down.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. It’s crazy good. I can honestly say it’s made us think twice about what we’re eating and the dubious role large corporations play in the quality of food in America. Just last night JD asked our waitress if they used free range chickens. And oh my god I ALMOST MADE OUT WITH HIM RIGHT THERE! If he would’ve asked about organic tomatoes, I might have just bore him a child. Right there.

We’re now shopping at our local farms and farmer’s markets for our produce and JD has made the decision to eat only organic, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. I’m still a vegetarian, so I refrain from eating anything with eyeballs, but I’m happy to know we’re both taking a stand for future generations and calling for higher standards for food quality.

Here’s a sample of produce from a local farmer and it makes me happy just looking at it…