Free To Succeed Tour


We’re all a family. The entire ShowIt crew on the bus has been living together for a few weeks now and we get along quite well. We laugh, joke, and clown on each other pretty much all day. But at the end of each day, our friendship—no matter how mean those boys treat me—is stronger. And sweeter. Well, sometimes.

Yesterday I saw this on the side of the bus:

Oooooh, I see how it is. Haters. That’s what they all are. And they sip on Haterade all day as proof of their inferiority complexes. Obviously. In search of the culprit, I pieced together who might have had the nerve to make me look like Pancho Villa. Aye, aye, aye!

Around midnight last night—as we were eating the best Kansas City BBQ—I gave an oration and accused Todd (the brain child of ShowIt programming) of the defamation. So good was my argument and theories that he even agreed with the accusation. Which makes me think I might have made a good lawyer had I stayed in law school.

I was feeling quite good about myself until David Jay showed me a video of the assailant in action. On the dark and shaky video I saw none other than OUR BUS DRIVER strategically place the moustache on my oversized face. Jay?!?! Jay did it?! Jaaaaay, HOW COULD YOU?! I thought we were friends?!

So, much like any family, we have our issues. But I’m sure when I find a way to get back at our bus driver, we’ll all go back to being one big, happy and dysfunctional family.

Aye, aye, aye!