Free To Succeed Tour : Austin


So it happened like this: We challenged each other to an arm wrestling competition, and I won. Then we had a thumb war. And I won again. We then had a mean round of Ro-Sham-Bo, and I demolished him. That’s when DJ started crying and I felt badly. So I let him stay in the master suite. Men!

In other travel news, we’re somewhere in Texas right now—close to Austin and adjacent to a river of sorts. I went running this morning; it was beautiful smelling water and mulch, and hearing the sounds of the pathway crunch from the pressure of my pace. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Austin today, although I don’t think we’ll make it into the city until it’s time for the tour.

Speaking of the tour, I want to give a shout out to all the fabulous photographers who came out to hear the Free to Succeed Tour! Individually and collectively, they rocked my world! I met such amazing people and the feedback was awesome…I can’t wait to see what these people are going to do with their lives, businesses, and future!

Here are a few images as provided by the tour photographer, Kenny Kim…I didn’t even bring my real camera, so most of the legit pictures will be provided by him! Definitely check out his blog for more images and a slideshow!

This picture cracked me up! Of course it’s totally deceiving because there were a TON of people who wanted to talk to DJ, but Kenny snapped this picture at an inopportune moment! 🙂

The ever amazing Rodrigo was on hand displaying the fabulous Couture Books

The lovely people at Couture provided samples of some of my work, so last night was my first time seeing them in their finished state…

The room was packed with 95+ photographers…and these Houstonians seriously rock! 🙂