Free To Succeed Tour : Boston


I think the closest thing to it could be summer camp. When I was a kid, I went to camp and spent the hot summer days jumping in lakes, going on hikes, and singing around the campfire. I’d make new friends and we’d pledge our eternal devotion through braided friendship bracelets or homemade neon keychains. By the time we had to say goodbye, we’d share tearful embraces, exchange addresses with the promise to write, and wave until the large yellow transportation bus disappeared, leaving only dust in its place. Yes, I think the closest thing to it would be summer camp.

Last night in Boston concluded my stint on the Free to Succeed Tour and it was a lot harder to say goodbye than I expected. During the last month, the tour bus—complete with its hodge-podge family living inside—became home for me. I lived, breathed, ate, and slept amongst my friends and while I was quite dubious of its power, the tour has changed me in so many ways. Too many and too personal to list here, but suffice it to know I’m a better person because of the many people I’ve encountered. I’ve shared stories, hugged, and even cried with an abundance of photographers around the United States and I’m so blessed.

Yesterday, just a couple hours before my last presentation on the tour, I sat with my legs dangling over the Mystic River. There, on a tattered New England dock, I closed my eyes and let my hair whip across my face and thanked God for allowing me to be a part of one of the most amazing experiences. Still now, sitting in my living room—reeling over what feels like the longest travel day of my life—I’m incredibly thankful. To David Jay for inviting me on this incredible tour. To my husband for picking up the slack, never complaining when I brought home piles of laundry, and for being my rock. To my family for their support. To my friends for their patience and understanding.

And though I didn’t have a friendship bracelet or neon keychain to give David Jay, I tearfully embraced him and said goodbye. When JD and I got into the taxi today, I looked back at the tour bus where David was once standing, and saw only dust in his place.

A special thanks to Kenny Kim for these photos…you can check out a complete slideshow on his blog! And a special thanks to Bob Pattison for bringing me a uber fab Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt…I LOVE it! 🙂

I made the last minute decision to wear my read shoes last night…because…well…life is just better when you’re wearing red shoes!

DJ’s girlfriend, Allie, surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers after my presentation, so in true I-cannot-keep-it-together-form, I cried…

I’m back in full swing this week and have a busy few weeks coming up, so this blog is now back to its regularly scheduled programming. Hollllla!