Free To Succeed Tour : Chicago


An eleven-year-old boy who wanted to teach me all things Gameboy. A Cookie Lee saleswoman. A beautiful financial planner from Newport Coast. A stay-at-home father. A college student. A retired teacher. These are the people I sat next to on flights to new cities in the past week. When JD picked me up from the airport, I kinda felt like I’ve been living on the inside silver cocktail shaker—stirred, on the rocks, and dirty.

After JD prepared an amazing dinner, I sat on the couch and stared blankly as the Women’s Beach Volleyball won the gold medal. It was late, and I was tired. Oh.So.Very.Tired. It was then when JD said what had been on both our minds all day…

Hey, Jaz, you look beat.

And I looked at him with eyes that were all, YOU THINK?!

The good news is that I slept well and now life is back on track for me here in Orange County. I’ll be catching up with editing and emails today, so I hope to be so productive my fingers start smoking from all the work I’m doing. Well, because, I’m hoping today I’ll be THAT fast.

The Free to Succeed seminar in Chicago was absolutely amazing and I have to thank the 160+ photographers who attended! Chicago sure knows how to make a girl feel welcomed, so thanks for proving that the Windy City knows how to represent! One of the cool things about the seminar was that it was filmed in its entirety, so if you haven’t been able to make the tour, you’ll be able to purchase it soon! I don’t have details, but as soon as it’s ready, I’ll blog about it.

A special thanks to Kenny Kim for taking pictures of the seminar…definitely check out his blog for more!

I’m home to shoot a fabulous wedding this weekend in Los Angeles, then JD and I are rejoining the tour in New York City! Holllllllllla! And here’s a TOUR UPDATE: I’ll be staying on the tour through Boston, so if you’re in the New England area, I’d love to meet you!

Happy Thursday!