Free To Succeed Tour : Dallas


Last night was a first for me. I have one word: WHATABURGER. The tour bus made a stop at the ungodly hour of midnight for dinner. Yes, dinner. The stop was originally just for Brett to get a bite to eat, but because the rest of us have will power comprised of the strength of wet noodles, we discovered the glory that is WHATABURGER. Thank you. Thank you, Austin, for exposing me to Texas toast, mustard on a grilled cheese, and making me workout twice as long this morning to repeat for my caloric transgressions.

We’re in Dallas now, but I’ll be posting pictures from the Austin show last night a little bit later today, so stop on by again! 🙂

**Updated to Add**
Well, I received two pieces of bummer news today, so I was in a funk. But, like any good American girl, I rallied back with a little retail therapy at Northpark Mall in Dallas. It was a like a home away from home! A special thanks goes to the girls at Intermix for cheering me up and furthering confirming my love for this city!

**Updated to Add**
Here are a few images from the our tour stop in Austin..I had such a lovely time and I can’t wait to go back and visit again soon! Thank you to all the fabulous people who showed up and rocked the night out!