Free To Succeed Tour : Houston


I departed the plane and was greeted by the most overwhelming pang of heat. Ever. I was literally swallowed in a bubble of hotness. Even after retrieving my luggage from the baggage claim, I couldn’t really bring myself to walk outside. I tried my best to hail a cab from inside the Houston airport, but was unsuccessful. Can’t Texas cabbies see through concrete walls?!

I arrived to the hotel and literally ran inside to avoid portions of my face melting off onto the hot concrete. Ruby red slippers or not, I was mellllllllting.

I met up with David Jay for lunch and we discussed what our lives were going to look like for the next few weeks—a little crazy, a mix of joy, and a lot of fun! Even though I could’ve spent the entire afternoon viewing Houston from the air-conditioned restaurant, I needed a nap like nobody’s business. I slept two hours last night, so my eyelids were raging war against my brain. Eyelids 1, Brain 0.

I woke in time for dinner and met the bus crew for some good TexMex…and, yes, the flour tortillas at Lupe Tortilla definitely lived up to the hype.

I’ll be blogging the trip everyday and adding pictures as things happen, so be sure to check back for updates. And in case anyone is wondering, I’ll be visiting the LuLuLemon store here in Houston…sorry, JD, when this cat’s away, she’s definitely gonna play…with the credit card! 😉