Free To Succeed Tour : New York City


So we wobbled through our front door an hour past midnight. Exhausted couldn’t really describe how we felt because we reached that point three hours prior. We showered and—while we waited for both our heads to simultaneously hit the pillow—watched the USA Basketball team earn the gold medal. JD, if you fall asleep before me, I will poke your bellybutton until you scream like a little girl! Though not certain, I’m pretty sure I blew Kobe Bryant a few kisses before my eyes closed.

After three hours of sleep, JD and I wobbled out the front door with our carry-on luggage and prepared to visit New York City and rejoin the Free to Succeed Tour. Though a wee bit foggy-headed, we’re excited to join our friends as we make our way through the Big Apple and Boston.

We’ll back home later this week, but we shot a wedding yesterday and I can’t wait to blog it! It was a perfect day for a perfect couple and I was so honored to be a small part of my bride living her childhood dreams! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store…

Happy Sunday!