Free to Succeed Tour : Santa Barbara


Like most elements in life, the closer you are to the nucleus, the hotter things get. The day after the San Diego tour stop, JD and I made our way to Orange County (the nucleus I call home) to spend a day with Polo and give me the chance to tie up a few things. What was supposed to be a day of yoga-style breathing—filled with doggy kisses and a homemade protein shake—turned into a mad dash to get my laundry done, go to bootcamp, talk with my accountant, and complete a To Do List that went on ad infinitum. As we made our way to Los Angeles for the tour stop the next day, I was applying makeup and taking curlers out of my hair on the Five Freeway. Yes, I was THAT girl.

In the early hours of the next morning, JD and I arrived in Santa Barbara and crawled into bed at 4 a.m.. The Santa Barbara tour stop was the following day and it was wonderful…especially the party David Jay hosted at his house later that evening!

The following day JD and I shot a fantabulous wedding at the Biltmore Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, but later found myself climbing into bed around 4 a.m.. When my alarm blared yesterday morning at 7 a.m., I debated submerging it in a nearby glass of water or flinging it across the room. I was exhausted. But here’s the funny thing: I actually wanted to get back on the tour bus.

Life on the tour bus is calm and refreshing. I feel positive energy from my friends sitting next to me and sleeping on the bunk next to mine. We spent most the day making our way to San Francisco for the next seminar, but we stopped in Monterey for day of relaxation. We went to Carmel By The Sea and sipped on chai lattes on the beach. With my toes submerged tightly in the white sand, I felt like myself again. Deep yoga-style breathing, and all.

The most favorite part of the day was getting this fortune after eating a delicious dinner at Jimmy’s Wok in Carmel…hollllla!