Friday Randomness : Battle of the Bulge


I’ve always known what insatiable means…like, theoretically and stuff. But for the first time in my life, I truly understand this word. It’s like that scene in “White Men Can’t Jump” when Rosie Perez turned to Woody Harrelson and said in her Puerto Rican accent, I, too, know what it is like to thirst. Yes, Rosie, I understand. You’re thirsty, I’m hungry.

Insatiable, the incapability of being satisfied.

In light of my recent trip to the hospital last week, I’m making my way through quite a bit of medicine, one in particular that makes me feel like I haven’t eaten since my umbilical cord days. Yes, THAT hungry. The first and last things on my mind are food. All types of glorious food and all the ways I’ll prepare it. My food fantasies have gotten so crazy I find myself wanting to take a bite out of stick of butter. Or swallow a wheel of parmesan cheese.

Internet, this is serious.

Since this week has been Battle of the Bulge up in these here parts, this Friday Randomness is dedicated to what I love most: my husband FOOD

Go on…just look at this rainbow Oreo and tell me you wouldn’t fight Rue Paul for it!!!

Hot dogs are so overrated.

Some see violence, I see the tools needed to MAKE ME DINNER.


And this is what I should be doing instead of eating…someone spot me

Happy Friday!