Friday Randomness : Einstein + Email Addresses


Yesterday I set out to carpe the heck out of my diem. No, really, I was determined not to become overwhelmed with everything, including a two hour drive to an engagement session. I made a new play list, packed snacks, and slipped into a comfy pair of shoes for what the day held after sitting at my desk all morning. On my way home after the shoot, the commute was a solid red 4-hour line on my iphone that led from Ventura to Orange County.

My carpe-ing? It was making me work.

Not to be deterred, I pulled off the freeway and got a manicure. I’m pretty sure I’m annoying as I sound, but it was either that or be seen on the nightly news. LATINA PULLS OFF HER EARRINGS AND GOES CRAZY ON THE 405 FREEWAY.

In more random things about life, here are a few gems I came across the Internet this week…

I’m not really the baking type, but these camera cookie cutters are too cute to pass by. If you make them, I’ll eat them!

I’m not brave enough to share my first AOL email address…

Happy Friday!