Friday Randomness : Magic + Milkshakes


Last night we walked the dog and JD pulled the hoodie over my head, pulling the strings extra tout. It makes me feel warm, it makes him feel he’s taking care of me. It’s funny what strings can do. We walked in the moonlight around midnight, the streets quiet with the exception of the sound of Polo’s paws prancing on pavement. I made fun of JD, pushing buttons a wife only knows, and he poked back. Next thing we knew, I taunted him from running four feet ahead of him, daring him to catch me four blocks later. He sprinted, I shrieked, and Polo ran between us in the light of the moon.

Life is simple, life is beautiful. And I don’t want to forget the small things that make me happy.

Here are a few things that make smile this past week and I hope they do the same thing for you…

Who doesn’t love a little Hipster Lincoln?

Beatbox, Level Harvard…….no, really, watch this. Now.


The countdown has begun…

I hate when it happens…

Happy Friday!