Friday Randomness : The Luggage Thief


Flying home from Colorado last Tuesday, I saw an elderly man and his wife deplane with their rolling bags in front of me. They slowly made their way out of the plane’s front door and struggled up the angled ramp into the airport. I smiled at the gentleman and offered to help him with his roller bag.

But here’s where the story gets all weird and stuff. I offered my hand to assist him with his luggage and while I thought he nodded, he must not have. This is also the part of the story when JD insists I misinterpret social cues, but I ignore him because–clearly–he has no clue was he’s talking about. Until this part of the story…

Once I placed my hand on the elderly man’s luggage, he pulled it back and said, Don’t go and try to steal my bag!

And then I died.

That’s right, Internet, I look like the type of girl who STEALS LUGGAGE FROM OLD PEOPLE. Next thing you know, women will hide their children and men lock their car doors in my presence.

In light of this, I’m posting Friday Randomness centered around work…because I can’t scare people behind my computer screen.

Look at this truly heinous sweater…it’s so tacky…AND I LOVE IT! There’s a ton more tacky goodness at Beloved Shirts

Here’s my favorite photoshop tip of the week…

The next time I complain about carrying my camera gear, I’ll think of this guy from Nepal…

I think I was talking about photography but then…

And this just made my day.

Happy Friday!