Friday Randomness : UK Edition


Being away from home makes my heart grow fonder. Of all things homey and American. I actually caught myself humming the Star Spangled Banner one morning (well, it started off as a whistle, but I changed it half-way through to a hum because I whistle as well as I cook) and that’s when I realized how much I miss home. That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about becoming British (I’ve been keeping a list as to why I should be), but there’s just something about California that makes me feel all light-headed and teary-eyed. Maybe it’s the smog.

Here’s my list as to why I should become part-British and a few more Random Friday things off the top of my head…
*Why I could be British: I love bookstores…I love bread and butter…I speak with an accent…I like bon bons…I can hail a cab…I like gameshows…I know how to use an umbrella…I say “cheers!” more often than I should…and a good time usually revolves around fried food. Yes, this is my official list.
*I haven’t watched reality television for two whole weeks. I’m sure this makes me smarter in some parts of the world.
*Look at these Jenni Desmond pillow cases…I die. I love them and need them, like, now.

*Someone once told me I made him feel like he didn’t have enough teeth. Umm, okay? How does one even respond to such a thing?!
*I bought a new pair of walking boots. Tah-dah!

*Went to Subway and ordered a “wrap”…but I came to discover it’s actually a sandwich wrapped in a tortilla. In case anyone is wondering, this is really called a BURRITO.
*I love socks.

Happy Friday!