Friday Randomness : Valentine’s Edition


Happy Friday, ya’ll! Wait…y’all? Or…ya’ll? SOMEBODY FROM TEXAS PLEASE CLARIFY THIS FOR ME! Speaking of the Lone State, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that The {Dallas} Fix is Sold Out! The support for The Fix has been unreal and I’m dying to meet ya’ll/y’all. In other news, I’m in the snowy state of Utah for the Alt Summit as I’m presenting on a panel today (ummm, hello, nerves!), but I thought it be perfect timing for a Random Friday post.

But today’s not so random. Ahem. These are great Valentine’s gift ideas for that perfect person in your life…

I want a luggage tag, but I have a proclivity to cheesy tags, but I found the best remedy…the Leather and Metal Luggage Tag with Custom Quote. This just screams cool. If I saw you at an airport with this tag, I’d think you were way cooler than me.

The double ring has been something I’ve wanted to sport for a few years (clearly, I’m not a trendsetter), but look at these Custom Double Banner Rings. Adorbs! If I saw you eating dinner with your boyfriend wearing this ring, I’d think you were way cooler than me.

Dear avid book lovers, I’ve found the prefect art piece for me you! Jane Mount does Bookshelf Paintings of your favorite reads. I want to cuddle with it. If I saw this painting in your house, I’d think you were cooler than me.

These shoes are absolutely ridiculous, but I want a pair just to wear when JD’s around. That’ll show him who’s boss! 😉 These Sand Imprint Flip Flops are available on Etsy. And let’s be real, if you saw me at the beach, you’d probably think I was cooler than you.

Besides singing in the shower (Broadway show tunes are my thing, Internet), I love dreaming up new ideas while lathering. Most of them end up going down the drain, but with this Waterproof Notepad can be the end of that. Love it!

This iPhone Flip Clock made me swoon. I love the mixing of new technology and a nod to modern aestheticism. I only mentioned how much I liked it to JD eight billion times so here’s to hoping Cupid’s good to me this year.

To see more Valentine’s finds, cute DIY ideas, and tech talk, check out more from the ever fab Hello Brit…a blog I’m smitten with!

Happy Friday!