Friday Randomness : Web Edition


I wish I could define more who I am and stuff them into a few distinct words. I’m random, have a peculiar sense of humor, and am intrigued with life’s banalities. I have a pretty good memory, so things I find on the web stick with me much longer than most. Which is pretty gnarly considering I’m on the web I also use periods in the middle of sentences to show how cool I am. Here’s a few things I’ve found on the web (a few with some help with friends) as a sneak peek into things that have found a place in my brain. And sometimes my heart.

Dear Noah. Letterpress card.
Most of my friends know I’m obsessed with stationary and letterpress. You wanna make me swoon and be BFFs? Get me some paper and soon you and I will be wearing matching necklaces, each wearing the other part of the half-heart. Awwww. Evan Hunt sent me a link to this Dear Noah letterpress card from etsy and I wanted to crawl through the internet and chest bump him.

Book Smarts
One day I hope I’m cool enough to read enough books to comprise an entire library that looks like a test parttern. This is so dorkily cool I can’t even bear it.

Parents Shouldn’t
Mom and Dad, please ignore this entire section and don’t click on this link. Late one night a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this site and spent hours crying from laughter. JD was sound asleep next to me and I used my pillow to stifle my outbursts. Most of it is entirely inappropriate, so please don’t judge me.

Like most photographers, I derive inspiration from visual stimulation. However, when visual stimulants create emotional reactions, I walk away deeper. Wider. Lighter. This video was so moving and left me breathless.

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

DIY Shower Curtain
Now here’s the most perfect way for my creative side to meet my clean side. Ahem. This DIY Shower Curtain from Poketo is perfect for the doodler, the artist, or the person who simply likes to draw crazy things in the shower. I may or may not be one of those three types of people.

Mommy Won’t Kill You
Kate Douthwright posted this video on my Facebook wall and it was so cute I had to watch it twice. Okay, more than twice, but who’s counting?!

Awkward Family
Okay, so this site never gets old me. And that right there? Simply proves I haven’t matured since junior high. But, really, what other website assures you that there are other families weirder than your own?!

“This is a photo of my brother and I playing “Trouble.” Some buy travel-sized board games for traveling, others have them for extended lonesome periods of time in the washroom.”

Not every idea is a “slam dunk.”

Happy Friday!