Good Reads : Where Did You Go Bernadette?


Last month I took time off. I spent three weeks traveling to Mexico, Christmas shopping, eating food laden with sugar (Santa told me to do it), reading…and, basically, taking time to simply be. I carved out time to let my brain rest and my soul find respite in the chaos life sometimes presents. I spent a good time reading and, for the most part, enjoyed the books that found their way into my hands.

I’m going to review a few of the books I really enjoyed (the others shown just didn’t do much for me) in case you have time to delve into the world of words…

Where Did You Go Bernadette – This book! THIS BOOK! I had to use caps because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s written in a clever way and as the story unfolded, I found myself smitten with the characters and the twists the plot took. I might be partial because the story takes place in Seattle, a city that stole my heart when we lived there for a month last year. Three of the four friends I recommended it to liked it. Is it just me or did this review turn into a Colgate commercial?

The Divergent Series – And here I am again recommending Teen Fiction books, but I can’t help it. It’s like I’m just begging the universe to let me stay young. The first two books of the trilogy were released and I found myself desperately lost in the pages of dystopic Chicago. It isn’t ground-shattering writing nor is it as compelling as the Hunger Games series, but both books were enjoyable and I’ll be reading the third. The series was also signed for a gabillion dollar movie deal, so move over Edward Cullen…Tobias is in town!

Never Fall Down – Word of warning: you’ll have to read this book with a box of tissues. Or a truckload of tissues. This true story narrates the plight of a child assigned to a Cambodian labor camp under the Khmer Rouge communist regime. In order to stay alive, Arn teaches himself how to play an instrument to master revolutionary songs…and steal food to keep other kids alive. He lives by a simple credo: Over and over I tell myself one thing: never fall down. This book is powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring.

Me Before You. This book was downright good. Definitely not warm-n-fuzzy, but the story was compelling, the writing was sharp, and the characters stayed with me far after I had finished the book. I laughed out loud at some parts and held back tears at the end. When a friend asked me to describe the book, I responded by saying it’s about a paraplegic, his caretaker, love, loss, the power to make decisions, and the right to life. And death. Really, really good.

Happy Thursday!