Great Set of Knockers


So often, I find myself trying to balance my personal and professional life. There are times when I feel like it’s a double-headed dragon pulling in two different directions, but then I take a step back and soak up life’s simplest pleasures. In the oddest of ways, the beast of a dragon morphs into two butterflies, each floating in their own direction.

While in Mexico last week, my dad asked me to bring along my camera. While I always have my camera, I’m ashamed to admit I hardly take pictures for myself. You know, just for the sake of picture taking. Embarrassingly, I’m often too tired to shoot for creativity’s sake. Yes, this is my dragon. However, while on our way to Juarez Park in San Miguel de Allende, we walked along rustic streets and I noticed an abundance of beautiful doors and knockers. All of a sudden, my dad and I were pointing and shouting across the street, Hey, look at THIS one!

For the first time in what felt like forever, I was taking photographs of things that I wanted to document. I have a strange affinity for doors and knockers, so I spent the afternoon in glorious bliss snapping away. I hope to create a collection of photographs of knockers from around the world. By doing so, I believe the two butterflies will ensure to not cross often mangled paths.

In other news, I’m SO happy to announce that Jess from Studio3Z was my 9,000th Commentor!! Holllla! As a small token of appreciation for all you who leave comments, Jess will receive a $20 iTunes Gift Card. Thank you SO MUCH for making my day by your feedback and support! Xoxo…

Staying true to my Google Images fascination, this is what popped up when I typed in 9,000…love it! 😉