Happy Birthday, Jasmine!


Oh, Jasmine, who would’ve thought life gets better with age? Today is your birthday and I can’t wait for what this year has in store for you. I remember being a little hesitant, maybe even fearful, about working from home with you two years ago…but somehow we’ve managed to make it work and I love it!!

We’ve come a long way from the days when you’d walk over to tell me you emailed me…and I no longer cringe when you try to add things to my job description like Official Maker of Lunch. In fact, I want to thank you for doing life by my side. Thank you for being the co-worker who makes me laugh out loud. Thank you for embracing my made up office holidays and midday matinees. Thank you for always taking the time to breathe and live life. Thank you for never stopping at your mistakes. Here’s to pushing each other to dream bigger, to laugh harder and to many more interoffice make-out sessions 😉 I love you!

P.S. Speaking of mistakes, here’s a video I made as proof you’re one of the most determined people I know…