Happy Birthday Polo!


I often joke about my obsession with my dog. It might border along creepy, but that’s who I am: big, loud, up-in-your-face love you lots. For a while I tried finding a middle ground, but I’ve realized there is no such thing as lukewarm when it comes to love. Polo, my seven-year-old Maltese, is the center of my world. He sits squarely as its nucleus with JD and my family.

For seven years I’ve developed a co-worker, therapist, and instant pillow and my life is better because of my dog. He’s the last thing I see falling asleep, the first thing I see when I wake up and reminds me life is most beautiful when taking a mid afternoon walk. Slowly. Enjoying each stop at the hydrants.

We celebrated Polo’s seventh birthday with a photo shoot and dog cupcakes. Oh, and I had to buy him a festive accessory or else the day wouldn’t have been complete.