Happy Halloween 2007


I’ve never been one for Halloween. You’d think that I’d love the notion of walking around and getting free chocolate, right? I mean, that’s almost as good as not having to walk around for free chocolate. No mobility and free chocolate? Sign me up!

This morning, however, hasn’t really been that great. Polo is off at the vet today to get neutered and I’m so sad without him. Yes, this totally sounds sappy and—quite frankly—a little pathetic, but just the idea of him in a crate just kills me. My dog is part human and literally cries when we leave him alone. Like human tears. I find myself trying to work, but my thoughts go back to him and wonder if he’s okay. Does he have enough water? Is someone there to rub his ears? Is he crying?

Like I said, I can be a little pathetic.

Another bummer is that I’ve been SO swamped lately that JD and I never got around to our pumpkin carving competition. I woke this morning and saw our two perfectly intact orange vegetables in our living room. Have our lives been so hairy lately that we don’t even have an hour to carve a pumpkin?! That made me sad.

The good news is that I’m dressing up this year for Halloween! Um, kinda. Sorta. I’m dressing up as a photographer! 😉 Every year my church hosts a HUGE carnival, so when I was asked to photograph the event, I had to say yes. I mean, how can I decline a request from my pastor?! 😉

I hope everyone has a great day today and eats lots of chocolate and sweets…life is too short not to!

…and, uh, yeah…this is my last-ditch attempt at a festive pumpkin. i’m obviously the one of the right. 😉