Happy Valentine’s Day


I love Valentine’s Day. And not for the obvious reasons of sugar consumption and kisses. I love what the day represents and how it makes me feel. I totally understand it’s a commercialized holiday and relegates most guys to buy last minute boxes of chocolate and teddy bears, but I love LOVE, so any reason to celebrate it fine by me. I’m not into red and pink presents or anything over the top for that matter. But I do love thoughtfulness. JD’s been giving me a gift-a-day leading to today and so far I’ve acquired new additions to my chick flick library (who doesn’t love The Holiday?!), a home-cooked dinner, the latest copy of US Weekly (don’t hate), and mole hills of my favorite candy. While quite simple, it’s simply perfect.

This morning–after a brisk morning jog with JD and Polo–I was determined to make heart-shaped pancakes. You know, since I’m so domesticated and all. Most of them looked like UFOs, but I did manage a decent heart for JD’s surprise breakfast.

I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and you surround yourself with love!