Happy Valentine’s Day


JD woke up the same way he always does on special days: Singing a song only he knows the words and tune to. He makes it up as he goes along. Today was the Happy Valentine’s Day song and, boy, was it a doozey!

Happy Valentine’s Day…ooh, yeah, it’s Valentine’s day…I’m gonna wear a red tie today…’cause it’s Valentine’s day…it’s a we’re-in-love day…’cause it’s Valentine’s today…

I’ll spare you the chorus and bridge because, really, it had something to do with love juice and Step in the Name of Love. I think he needs to stop watching American Idol with me! 😉

I’m in no way a Valentine’s Day kinda girl. I feel like it’s too fake, too mandatory. In lieu of this, I asked JD not to buy me gifts or over-sized balloons that read WILD THING or, worse, YOU’RE STILL THE ONE. In fact, a simple dinner for two would be perfect…normal, yet perfect.

This morning, JD surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries (which is Jasmine Star Weakness #6,934) that he hid sometime yesterday while I was on a shoot. He also bought me a potted plant. Not just any potted plant, but a miniature rose bush. Little did I realize JD was watching me while grocery shopping a couple nights ago. I eyed the small rose bush—complete with its tiny red roses and a red heart-shaped gardening stick—and laughed at all its tackiness. It had a bright red vase with red hearts embossed on it and silver heart wrapping. Good grief…it was tacky…but I loved it! It looked like it could belong on the set of Napoleon Dynamite or Juno…and I was smitten. I laughed and walked away a few nights ago, but it ended up in my hands today! I felt so LUCKKKKKKEY.

I want to wish everyone a lovely day today and I hope nothing but happiness and joy fills your hearts! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a picture of me and JD at dinner last night…

P.S. If any of my blog readers get engaged today—or any of your friends decide to get married—holla back at your girl! 😉