He Beckons


When I started the year, I decided to take more risks. 2011 was all about getting crazy. For some people, crazy late nights, rock and roll, and dancing on tables, but my sort of crazy is adding a banana to my protein shake. Oh! The! Risk! I’m such a ledge-walker sometimes I scare myself.

One of my goals for this year was to write more. To go out of my way, sit down, and write. I made the commitment (along with my friend Gail) to write everyday for the entire month of January and the process has been much harder than I anticipated. There were nights when I pounded my head on the keyboard because I couldn’t find the words, but I’m incredibly proud to say I didn’t miss a day. The end of the month is on Sunday and when I complete my writing assignment, I plan to get crazy. Not bananas, but dance on a table. Preferably a low one because I have a tendency to fall.

JD has been extraordinarily supportive through this process and even though there were some late nights involved, he was the force that pushed me through. In addition to offering valuable insight, he snapped photos of the work progression. Most were on a polaroid camera, but he captured this a few nights ago…

It was late and I just got home from a meeting, but I needed to finish my writing assignment. I laid on the floor and wrote until Polo lost his patience and brought me his ball to play. In that moment, we–all three of us–were happy.