Heather and Weber : Engagement


It took just one look to make him look again. Weber did a double-take when he saw Heather for the first time. In the halls of hospital, their eyes met and Heather laughed from the attention. He was a doctor making his rounds, and she was a speech therapist visiting a patient. So he walked, and she talked.

Heather and Weber immediately warmed to each other and instantaneously became friends. The first night they went out, Heather asked Weber to join her at a local sports bar to watch a big game. Then he liked her a whole lot more. Heather was kind, funny, AND liked sports just as much as he did. She was perfect.

Months later, as Heather and Weber packed for a trip to Hawaii, he tucked a diamond ring into his pocket. As they spent their afternoons on the beach and enjoyed island life, Weber wanted to find the perfect place to propose so he kept the ring in his pocket at all times. On long hike down a steep mountain, Heather and Weber reached their destination: A gorgeous waterfall. With mist dancing around their faces and Weber knew it was the spot. As water pounded against the black, Hawaiian rocks, he got on one knee and asked Heather to spend the rest of her life with him. Double-takes and all.

I’m so excited to be shooting Heather and Weber’s wedding this January as I know it’s going to be so much fun! I had a blast shooting their engagement session in Santa Monica and I can’t wait to photograph such an awesome couple in a few months for their wedding!

Heather booked me over the phone, so we met for the first time photographing her engagement session…and I was so happy to see how fabulous she was! Heather came to the shoot confident, fun, and ready to have a good time, which makes me just stand back, relax, and shoot. Loved it!

As a photographer, I try to stay away from locations I’ve shot at before. Each couple is unique, so why would I use the same spots I’ve shot in before? Weber made mention he was surprised there was so many places to be photographed along the Santa Monica Pier, without actually being on the pier. This made me feel good. It’s my clients job to choose the location they feel wonderful at, but my job to take their ideas to another level…and I sincerely hope their love is reflected in the myriad of locations we chose! 🙂

Off to the Santa Monica Pier…

Workin’ the bling…

By the time we made it to the beach, the sun was setting so fast…it was getting dark as I shot this picture, but it’s my favorite from the session…it’s just so indicative of their love: Warm, genuine, and sincere.

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