Helen and David : Engagement


He noticed the pretty resident on her first day under his tutelage. They met and immediately warmed to each other, something that’s very welcomed along the frigid streets of San Francisco. It wasn’t until she completed her residency that David pursued Helen, but after their first few dates, they knew they were meant to be. Together. Forever.

The fog rolled in heavily over the Golden Gate Bridge, casting a pretty haze over the Exploratorium. Helen and David walked together—his dark coat sleeve slung over her small frame, keeping her warm—laughing and recounting memories. A self-proclaimed science-lover, Helen visited the Exploratorium often as a child, but never thought she’d one day walk the red clay path with her fiancé. Life is funny that way. It’s a series of circular patterns criss-crossing over a certain memories, forever intersecting lives and dreams.

I’m quite honored documenting the newly formed circular patterns of Helen and David’s love. They have an awesome wedding planned at Rancho Las Lomas and with the help of the amazing and talented Kimberly Bradford, their day will be simply stunning! I can’t wait!

I loved this moment…from behind my camera, I said, Alright, Helen, now let’s have a little fun!…in that instant, she decided to be a little sassy with David’s tie! 😉

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!