I Love My Brides


I really love my brides. All of them. I sound like a polygamist, don’t I?! 😉

I’m sure there’s a myriad of factors that come into play when a client books me, but for some reason (okay, a lot of reasons) I am blessed to work with some of the most fabulous—and dare I say fierce—girls ever. And I LOVE it! Beyond all else, they are the types of girls I can have a long dinner with, order a completely unnecessary dessert with, then go shopping…only to splurge on a pair of shoes with. These are my kinds of brides and I’m so incredibly stoked to be documenting the most important day of their lives!

Just today I received an email from a bride who found a pair of Jimmy Choo heels for her wedding…she wrote that the shoe gods have smiled on us. Us?! Yes, US! She inherently knew I’d be just as happy taking a picture of the shoes as she would be wearing the shoes. We’re a great pair! ← That pun was TOTALLY intended! 😉

Another bride emailed me and suggested a skin-repairing medication for JD’s burned hand. She researched on found that I could buy it from a online Canadian pharmacy. I was SO touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

A large part of why I think I’m so connected with my brides is because of my blog. I post slideshows, ramble about tomato sauce, and write about the banalities of my life…and somewhere in the mix, I post pictures too! For some reason, they keep on coming back to read about my life and I’m honored.

My brides care about what I do and how I spend my time, so I thought it’d be nice to post a slideshow from my time volunteering in Colorado. Jenna Walker, Crystal Goss, Shyla Darlirifar, Liana Lehman, Sarah Barlow, and Amy Nave and myself all worked together to put these images for Volunteers of America to use as a promotional campaign. I am so blessed to see our work come together for the good of such a great charitable organization!

So, I just want to thank my faithful blog readers and my brides for caring about me…I feel loved and like a little girl in black patent leather Easter shoes! 😉

Happy Wednesday!