Inspiration in Notebook Form


Hi Friends! I’m running out the door, but I wanted to quickly blog about something I’ve been working on for the past year.

There are days when I feel completely and utterly uninspired. I hate admitting this because, really, I’d love to say I’m constantly brimming with fresh ideas. But that’s so far from the truth. However, there are a few things I do to help me stay invigorated…on the top of my list is My Notebook.

A while back, my mother bought me a spiral notebook and I decided to make it a catalogue of sorts. I’d tape inspiring pictures on the pages, use it to write my workshop notes in, and refer to it when I was feeling desperate for creativity. I can’t express how AWESOME it’s been. I can’t wait to add to it next year, but here are a few snapshots of some pages…I sincerely hope some of my blog readers start their own notebooks because it’ll help raise the bar for the entire industry. As long as we’re all moving forward together, our clients are happier, our work is better, and we’re improving wedding photography as a whole.

Whenever I find a picture I like, I cut it out and tape it to the page. The pictures aren’t all bridal, but I try to find images I’d like to recreate if given the chance…on the opposite side of the page are notes from the Anti-Workshop

Here’s a sketch of a photograph I want to capture some day soon. Yes, I know I could rival Picasso for my sketching skillz. I just got it like that. 🙂
Okay, but beyond the pre-school sketch, I had an idea and I had to get it down on paper. I don’t know if you can read what I wrote in the margins, but this idea–this someday photograph–is inspired by a recent David Yurman ad campaign, mixed with a splash of Christian Dior. Obviously, you can’t tell from the sketch what I have in mind, but as long as I get it, that’s all that matters. On the top of the page is another sketch that will one day come to frutition as well! 🙂

In my notebook, I also include things I want to remember. When I was chosen as Blu Domain’s Photographer of the Year, Kailee asked me to hold a sign reading: “I LOVE BLU”. Before I made the sign, I wanted to get a few ideas down on paper, so I sketched here for posterity’s sake! 🙂

…and here’s the final product…

Here’s my most recent entry…these are a few pages of my notes from the Shootshop

Happy Tuesday!