Introducing Alex


This past year has been nothing short of wonderfully amazing. Yes, there were times when I wanted to pull my hair out due to life’s curve balls, but I somehow managed to keep my mane intact. Minus the bald patches behind my right ear 😉

I wish I could say I did everything on my own, but I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror. After my 29th wedding of the year, I asked for desperately needed help. Because I outsource a large majority of my business, I’m freed to focus on more important issues…but I still keep my hand on the proverbial ladle stirring the boiling pot. There are certain elements of my business that I refuse to outsource—client care is numero uno—but between splitting my time for shooting, running my business, client communication, and looking for new opportunities to grow, I am spread thin. Like, someone-throw-me-a-bottle-of-Rogaine thin!

That’s where Alexandria stepped in. Somehow through all the mire, I wasn’t able to see a fabulous solution standing in front of me. Literally. Alex is a full-time art student here in Orange County majoring in graphic design and photography. She’s loving, low-key, and adds just the right amount of spice to my life. Alex also happens to be my younger sister.

From the first day working with me, Alex rocked my world. She’s awesome in Photoshop and Illustrator, has an impeccable eye for detail, and occasionally brings me Jamba Juice. If it wasn’t for her strange taste in music, I’d say she was perfect! I’ve learned that headphones are my best friend when Alex is rockin’ it out on my computer…but it’s a small price to pay to have someone help me stay on track.

Alex is the first member of the All Star Team and I’m honored to call her my assistant, friend, and sister!