It Is Better


I love the holiday season and it’s proven to be a great time to sit back and reflect on the year…and give a little of myself as a way to say thanks. It’s nice to know there are plenty other amazing photographers who feel the same and are doing small things to make a difference. If a lot of people do small things, the culmination of our efforts makes a huge impact…and I love impacts!

The ever-amazing and talented, Chris+Lynn came up with a cool idea: For every blog comment they collected, they’d donate a canned good to their local food bank. Uhh, can you say ULTRA FAB?!? Be sure to leave a comment on their blog, and I’m sure while you’re there you’ll be amazed with the imagery they produce…they’re awesome! 🙂

My favorite CT photography couple extraordinaire, Justin and Mary Marantz, also run Portrait House (you can read more about my involvement with this organization on this blog post) and if you’d like to support their/our endeavors with Habitat for Humanity, definitely check out how buying Christmas cards can move us closer to our goals!

Lastly, definitely check out Giving is On this site, you can either: 1. Nominate a family in need for a photo session; or 2. Offer your photography services as a way to give back. This project is a 100% grassroots and such a cool way to give back during the holiday season. An amazing photographer, Kristen Kalp started this project and has grown by leaps and bounds…I’m sure part of her coolness comes from being the go-to girl for Totally Rad Actions, but that’s besides the point! 😉

These are just a few ideas to give back, but I’m sure there are many others out there! Every year, JD and I pack our car full of toys and travel to Mexico (just two hours from where we live) to pass out gifts to orphaned or disadvantaged children. It brings us reminds us how far we’ve come…reminds us of who we are…and reminds us of where we can go if we continue to give more than we receive.