J* Version of Romance


A couple nights ago, JD walked in from the grocery store and placed the bags on the kitchen counter. As he peeled away the plastic bags, he lifted something small from the furthest bag from me. Oh, look what I found for you… He proceeded to pass me a brightly-colored toothbrush. And not just any toothbrush. It was the extra soft, pimped-out toothbrush I had been in search of for the past couple weeks. I love flossing and brushing my teeth, so I thought it was an extraordinarily nice gesture. I flung my arms around his neck and sighed. That’s so romantic!

JD blinked a few times in confusion, but let the moment pass unadulterated by questions.

Later that evening, as we walked Polo along a darkened path, JD resurrected the issue. Jaz, being romantic is sometimes hard with you…I mean, your kind of romanticism. I walked in silence because he was right. Earlier that day we brunched with my best friends in Los Angeles, so as we walked, he continued that my friends were a little less complicated. Romantically speaking, that is. A dozen roses, a nice steak dinner, a glass of champagne, a good concert…that’s where he’d take any of them if it was their wedding anniversary.

Ooooooh, I got it. He’s stressin’ because he still hasn’t figured out what we’re doing for our wedding anniversary this Friday.

I tried explaining that flowers given on a day when a girl is supposed to get flowers is nice, but not romantic. Flowers given on a random Thursday just because? Well, that’s romantic. A nice steak dinner (or in my case, tofu steak!) just to celebrate being alive is romantic. A toothbrush bought late one evening because you thought of your wife’s love affair with dental hygiene…that’s romantic.

Or at least that’s my kind of romanticism. And that’s everything JD naturally does. Random tuberose bouquets sprinkled around the living room, toasts celebrating random Monday nights, toothbrushes. I love it.

So, the only thing I want this Friday, I continued on my quasi-philosophical diatribe, is for us to be together…doing everything and nothing at once. Loving and laughing like it was our last day on Earth…that’s all I want, nothing more.

This is a picture my best friend, Bri, snapped of us at brunch last Sunday at TART. It was such a lovely afternoon and when I left I realized how blessed I am to have so many fabulous people in my life.