J’Adore Details : The One Stop Site for Brides


It happened over lunch one hazy afternoon. We sat there and spoke about life, business, and the balancing of both worlds. With the cubes melting in our iced tea, we discussed how to meet the needs of our brides more effectively, as well as help brides in general. So often, we found ourselves emailing brides with our recommendations—florists, DJs, makeup artists—but what if they could find everything we loved in one spot? What if a bride could find awesome and trusted vendors from actual industry insiders? How could a bride create the most fantastical day in a single sitting? That’s where J’Adore Details comes in…

J’Adore Details is a website created by Amelia Lyon, Trista Lerit, DrewB, and myself to highlight a some of our favorite vendors we’ve worked with in the past. They’re all unfathomably amazing and if any of our brides choose to work with them, we’d be tickled pink! We’ve also created a new blog to feature our latest work and the site/links will be updated with new favs and images. We’re so excited for this project because we’ve been working on it for what seems like forever…and a day! A special thanks to Blu Domain for its perfect site and all the help we’ve received along the way…we love you guys!

Lastly, I want express my deepest appreciation to Amelia, Tris, and Drew…we spent tireless nights trying to get organized…over BJ’s Pizza and Pizookies…laughing…encouraging…hugging…our way through this process. I love you and think you’re wonderful!! 🙂