Jane and Kevin : Engagement


Her shoes sparkled against the red brick walkway and shimmered bright reflections of the golden sun. They were the kind of shoes that’d make Dorothy jealous.

Jane’s delicate footprints left soft marks in the green grass, and Kevin walked proudly along side her. They retraced the same walk they’d make on their way to classes while studying at UCLA. They met while Jane was earning her Master’s degree and Kevin was completing undergrad, and managed to fall in love amidst of the onslaught of academics. It is, however, undeniably easy to fall in love against such a picturesque backdrop…the brick façades, the green rolling hills, the bell tower…and the totally awesome colors of Blue&Gold draping the campus. And—as Jane and Kevin can attest—Bruins have good taste! 😉

Although we met at UCLA for their engagement session, Jane and Kevin wed this March at the amazing and fabulous Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach. They have a wonderful day planned and I’m SO excited to be a part of their wedding!

The beautiful Jane…

At some point before this series of photos, Jane told me she love watching America’s Next Top Model…and she could be “fierce”…Oh My Goodness…I could’ve hugged her for uttering those words!! Okay, maybe I did hug her…I LOVE girls who can have fun and ‘work it’ for the camera!!! 🙂

Jane was showing off her heel clicking moves…I think this is one of my most favorite pictures ever! 😉

FYI, Jane and Kevin are getting married on March 15….

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!