Jill and Jack : Engagement


She worked in marketing at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Jill liked her job, loved the opportunities it presented, and enjoyed the travel perks that accompanied her position. Life was good… except when her boss asked her take over a meeting with an advertising firm on a nightmarishly cold day. No, no Jill did NOT want to walk across the street fighting the freezing temperature. Especially in her cute shoes.

Bundled in her jacket (and, yes, her cute shoes too), Jill made her way to Ra Sushi for the lunch meeting by herself. She looked around the restaurant for what might have looked like a group of advertisers, but saw none. Jill gazed about the room only to see a handsome man wave at her. No. No way THAT handsome man was her lunch date. Suddenly, the cute shoes in freezing weather was worth it all. So worth it.

Jack and Jill spent the afternoon talking about life, sports, hobbies…oh, and advertising too. What started as a business meeting lead to creating a bet to garnish a follow-up date. Jack spoke about football and Jill politely nodded and Uhm-hmm-ed her way through his athletic talk, but perked when he said there was no way the Seattle Seahawks could beat the Chicago Bears in Saturday’s upcoming game. Seeing her chance, she bet the Seahawks would win and Jack would take her out. Jack–knowing the odds were in his favor–took the bet.

A few days later, they went out again. The Bears won. Jill paid. But, in the end, they both walked away happy knowing they won each other’s hearts.

I’m SO excited to shoot Jack and Jill’s wedding next year in San Diego at L’Auberge Del Mar. They have an awesome day planned and I’m stoked to hang out with such an awesome couple again! I especially want to thank Joey Bowles of Cosa Bella Foto for sending Jill my way…Joey will be a bridesmaid at Jill’s wedding, and sent Jill my way because she thought we’d be a good fit…thanks, Joey! 🙂

I met Jack and Jill at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach for their engagement session, and later made our way to the ocean for more fun. Here are a few of my favorites…

To view more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!