Just Because


My inner thermometer is different than my husband’s. Like, so different one might think I’m part amphibian. On nights when I’m covered with four comforters, you’ll find JD covering his abdomen with a single sheet. A semi see-through sheet to boot. JD walks the dog in shorts and flip-flops, and I walk next to them in an oversized down jacket, scarf and Ugg boots (when we first moved to Orange County, I’m sure my neighbors were all, Well, THERE goes the neighborhood!).

One night we stopped off for Chinese food and I as sat in the red pleather booth, I swear I saw an iceberg float by. With a penguin on it. And JD? He would’ve been comfortable sitting in Speedos.

While we waited for our soup, my teeth chattered. JD left the restaurant to see if I had a jacket in the car, but, instead, returned with a gift. I unwrapped a pashmina. JD’s story is as follows…

I ran next door to Hallmark and bought this for you. You know, something to always keep in the car for times like this. It’s funny because the elderly lady who helped me asked why I was so rushed. I explained you were about to lose your teeth from chattering so much and she thought it was sweet. She suggested I buy you a card too. So I did. Then she told me what I should write in the card: Just Because. I didn’t want to write that. But she stood at the counter and told me to write it. She said her husband does this for her and they’ve been married 40 years. So I wrote it. Because I didn’t want to disappoint her…and she said she hopes you wear the pashmina for the next 40 years.

Dear sweet cashier at Hallmark, thank you for making me feel warm. On the inside. I, too, hope I’m wearing this pashmina for 40 years. Just Because.