King of the House


Last night, while watching School of Rock, I turned to JD and asked him who he liked more: Polo or me. Polo, of course. His answer was easy and uncomplicated and smugly proffered. Apparently, permeating the bond between my man and my dog is an impossible feat. …And the best thing about Polo, JD continued is that he doesn’t talk back. I debated between retorting with a oration of Why Talking Back is Beneficial, and remaining silent. I opted for the latter because if I didn’t, I’d make Polo look even better.

But the truth of the matter is that Polo holds a special spot in both our hearts. A quiet nook JD can never touch. Polo fills the gaps and makes us happier, which earns him the title of King of the House.

I’m not lying when I say Polo hated me while I took his picture. Just look at him. If he could talk, he’d be all, Woman, I LOATHE you.