Kirstie and Josiah : Engagement


They have colliding versions of how their hearts intersected. The facts are the same, but the details are different.

Kirstie says Josiah wouldn’t speak to her. Josiah says Kirstie ignored him and didn’t laugh at his hilarious joke. No, really, it was the funniest joke ever, he claims. She says she tried starting conversation, but he was completely disinterested. He says she turned her back to him. Literally.

Kirstie and Josiah were members of their friends’ wedding and when they saw each other, they were determined to get to know each other better. But then those pesky details got in the way. At the end of wedding reception, Kirstie walked up to Josiah and asked him to dance. She, apparently, ignored his dismissal and chose to sway in his strong arms at the end of the night.

A few days later, Josiah made contact with Kirstie, despite his friends’ claims that she was waaaay outta his league. She accepted his invitation for a date and—as they say—the rest was history. And even though the account of their first intersection is varied, the result is two beautiful people very much in love…and those pesky details are a thing of the distant past.

I’m SO stoked to be a part of Kirstie and Josiah’s wedding!! They’re both simply fun, sweet, and amazing! I had the best time during their engagement shoot and my face hurt from laughing so much! They originally wanted to be photographed at the San Juan Capistrano Mission, but when I encouraged them to go somewhere else (a location that shows their vibrant personalities) they were game! I love when clients trust me because I feel like we can capture the truest version of themselves. Stay tuned because their August wedding should be a blast! 🙂

Kirstie and Josiah brought along their bikes and I LOVED this idea! It shows so much more to their love! I thoroughly enjoy when clients bring along things to spice up their session! 🙂

Towards the end of their engagement session, they wanted to take a few Save The Date pictures. Once we got all the safe and pretty images completed, I encouraged them to have a little fun…call me biased, but here are a few of my favs! 😉

To see more of their engagement session, be sure to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!