Kisses and Disses : Lost and Polenta

Kisses and Disses : Lost and Polenta


I woke up this morning at 5:30am–after going to bed at 1am–to the sound of the alarm on my iPhone. Oh no you di’ent just wake me up from my sleep! Alas, she kept yelling at me until I relented. I slowly moved around and prepared my gear for a sunrise shoot. Yes, I just said SUNRISE. I don’t get too many requests for morning shoots, but as I drove alone Pacific Coast Highway to the sights and sounds of the ocean, I felt blessed.

Now that I’m back into the normal work day, I’ve just decided a needed a nap in a major way. May-jah way. Before I bury my head, I wanted to post a few Kisses and Disses…because they sure seem to pile up in a week!

This week’s DISSES go to:
*My eyebrows. They’re thinning so I think I need hair transplants above my brow bone. Or start using Just For Men on my forehead.
*Polenta. I tried making it for dinner. Emphasis on tried. It was no surprise JD and I were rocking Subway Sandwiches later that night.
*Taxes. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad my streets are paved and Polo has a green dog park, but really? REALLY? My mind can’t even wrap itself around my tax damage. Even with the help of an Ace bandage I couldn’t wrap it up entirely. Uncle Sam needs his head checked.

This week’s KISSES go to:
*Reese Witherspoon. Have you seen her on the cover of Elle Magazine?! The photo spread?! Be still my beating heart. They are amazing!! I adore Reese Witherspoon and she could probably spit in my soup and I’d still like her. Oh, Reese, you make everything taste better!
*Navel oranges. Good grief…I love me some good citrus yumminess. I’ve been trying (emphasis on trying) to cut away sweets from my diet and the only thing that satisfies my soul is a navel orange. It ain’t Ben&Jerry but it’ll do.
*LOST. Is anyone else just head over heels that Jack and Sawyer are bearing their chests on network television again? Rawr. Now, if Benjamin Linus and John Locke could expose their fleshy goodness, I could die a happy girl. (It’s a joke, Internet!)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. The Last Forty Percent Photography -

    Huge fan of Lost – I 100% agree!
    – Bri

      3.25.09 - 8:52 pm

  2. Roxie -

    First off, taxes are my worst nightmare. Even more so this year since I received a letter from the IRS themselves claiming I didn’t do my taxes right. So I’m with ya on that one! I just saw Reese’s magazine today at Barnes & Noble – It was HOT! Very inspiring too!

      3.25.09 - 8:54 pm

  3. tiffany rebecca -

    I can’t believe I’m the first to comment! I look forward to your kiss and diss blog. I’ll be procratinating on my taxes.. stinks! and i totally agree with you – reese witherspoon is basically amazing. can’t wait to see your sunrise pictures!!

      3.25.09 - 8:54 pm

  4. Nicole -

    I feel ya on the eyebrows… "trying" to grow mine out. Loving the Navel oranges…can’t wiat for the nectarines and pineapple!Summer is just around the corner (in cali :)!!!

      3.25.09 - 8:56 pm

  5. Lydia -

    I’ve been substituting sweets with mandarin oranges. I’ll be so sad when I can’t buy these cuties in the store anymore!

      3.25.09 - 8:59 pm

  6. Rachel -

    I’m with you girl on the taxes! Eery year I’m thankful that our business has grown, but writing that check on April 14 kills me!!

      3.25.09 - 9:00 pm

  7. Erin -

    Love Lost! I cannot stop watching.

      3.25.09 - 9:03 pm

  8. Krysta -

    The best way to get rid of sweet cravings is to eat fruit and drink a glass of water. It really works. So your good with eating oranges. lol.

      3.25.09 - 9:10 pm

  9. melissa stava -

    omg, i didnt know you were a lostie. j and i have people over every wednesday to watch. we have all been watching it together since the show started! ok, now take a nap.

      3.25.09 - 9:12 pm

  10. Kelli M -

    Just had to say I DIED laughing on the last one about LOST. It’s one of my fav shows and I LOVE me some Dr. Jack Shepherd but I think I would prefer it if Ben would keep his shirt on.

      3.25.09 - 9:13 pm

  11. heather -

    LOL about the polenta. My husband and I "tried" making it a few years ago… following a recipe in a William Sonoma cookbook… only instead of using the powdered polenta mix stuff, we used the already made (just needed to be sliced) polenta in a tube. Whoops. Pizza night.

      3.25.09 - 9:14 pm

  12. Korey -

    I tried to make polenta once…it was a lot of work for something that’s just okay, in my opinion. Then someone told me you buy the polenta in the refigerated section of the store, add your "stuff" you like to it, and just finish cooking it.

      3.25.09 - 9:14 pm

  13. Michelle S. -

    Amen and AMEN, Sister!! Now GO take a nap!!! πŸ™‚

      3.25.09 - 9:15 pm

  14. Leandra -

    Your Kisses & Disses always make me laugh! LOST is amaaaaazzzing. Best show on the planet and I can’t stop watching. πŸ™‚

      3.25.09 - 9:16 pm

  15. lucy -

    I hear you on Reese Witherspoon I love her too. Cant wait to check out Elle

      3.25.09 - 9:17 pm

  16. jeramy -

    well now you’re speaking my language. check out my blog. more specifically….
    wednesday IS the best day of the week….not because of sawyer and jack. it’s all about juliette.

      3.25.09 - 9:19 pm

  17. Rich and Alyssa -

    I dies laughing when you mentioned Locke and Ben Linus bearing all…that is too funny. I, for one, DEMAND that Sawyer and Kate get back together – I mean, Juliette is still a little shady and Kate+Sawyer is the only way to go. Let Juliette and Jack go off and be miserable together

      3.25.09 - 9:27 pm

  18. liam hennessey -

    i think TAXES should get kisses. there’s something cathartic about putting all these little paper receipts into labelled piles while you drink red wine, listen to records and marvel at how much your wife spends online shopping.

    when you’re finished you pretty much have the story of your life’s previous year in a shoe box.

    the cash reward for being so organized is usually the best part.

      3.25.09 - 9:27 pm

  19. ErikaM -

    I feel ya on the polenta… I tried making it as well and failed miserably. We ended up eating something out of the freezer that night. ha ha

    Can’t wait to see the new sunrise photos!

      3.25.09 - 9:29 pm

  20. Liza -

    ….YEAH, you better be joking about Ben and Locke! Haha…but I MUST agree, Sawyer & Jack are pretty yummy with no shirts on. πŸ˜‰

      3.25.09 - 9:29 pm

  21. Joyce -

    You are just plain funny! One tip though for thinning eyebrows — VITAMIN K and / or Fish Oil supplement. πŸ™‚ Try it! It works so much for me (and my husband for his hair.) πŸ˜€

      3.25.09 - 9:44 pm

  22. Nicole Monique Photography -

    I am LOVIN your kisses and disses! So funny! Might I suggest for the next kiss a book you are reading or love. I am looking forward to the next post that lets us in on your book list. Just a thought XOXO

      3.25.09 - 10:18 pm

  23. Elaine -

    This was a great post… ha, i totally agree that uncle sam needs to rethink itself!!!

      3.25.09 - 10:55 pm

  24. Lindsey -

    LOST is quite possibly the best show ever. I heart Sawyer – his bad boy exterior when he’s really just a big softie. I may name my next dog after him. lol!!!

      3.25.09 - 10:57 pm

  25. Laura G -

    I really love this idea-and the images are so perfect. It makes me think of the humorous (good and bad) recent events in my own life.

      3.25.09 - 11:14 pm

  26. Sara Gray -

    I freaked out when I saw the Reese spread too – so beautiful!

      3.26.09 - 12:01 am

  27. Christine -

    I soooooo get what you’re saying about the navel oranges!!! I just got home from grocery shopping and alas…I found the humungous bag filled with about 20 beautiful navel oranges on sale again! As I purchased them, I made a comment to the cashier about how much I love them!! I eat two at a time….they really do satisfy! too funny….lol πŸ˜‰

      3.26.09 - 12:07 am

  28. Diane C -

    OMGosh!!! Jas, I read your blog everyday and this is the first time I leave a comment because of LOST!!! Love it! Gotta have it!! Wednesday nite is our date night!! My aunt says if she’s lost on an island with Sawyer, don’t bother looking for her!! LOL!!
    God bless and your work is BEAU-TEE-FUL!!!!!

      3.26.09 - 12:20 am

  29. Allie -

    I absolutely loved this months Elle Mag with Reese, she is elegant in a very subtle and understated way. And Elle Mag is always great for inspiration..

      3.26.09 - 12:27 am

  30. Amanda Herzberger -

    I totally hear you on Reese Witherspoon – she is freakin’ adorable! And she’s type A….I have a total girl crush πŸ™‚

      3.26.09 - 12:30 am

  31. Crystal -

    I still go back and forth on who I like more… Jack or Sawyer… Okay.. I’ll just take them both! πŸ™‚

    LOST is the best!

      3.26.09 - 12:31 am

  32. Lindsi -

    I too am obsessed with Lost πŸ™‚

      3.26.09 - 1:37 am

  33. Rae -

    Yes, Jack and Sawyer are nice, but I think I want me some of that fella on your Disses banner. ROWWRRRWWWWRRR

      3.26.09 - 2:05 am

  34. Leslie Roark -

    I am so seriously with you on the tax damage! I never realized the amount of money "taken" until I had my own business. IT STINKS!!!

      3.26.09 - 2:12 am

  35. Mandi -

    But you’re not joking about the first part on Lost though, right? ‘Cause I lust over very, very few men on TV but I’ll have to admit that Sawyer and Jack. . . well you said it: Rawr.

      3.26.09 - 2:26 am

  36. Bobbie Brown -

    I always love these posts.. I just wish I could see whatever my computer turns into a little red "x"… I guess it is some sort of picture? It always does it on your Kisses and Disses posts!

      3.26.09 - 2:28 am

  37. Caryn -

    Ooh – I’m so torn between them… Sawyer is so very smoldering, but Jack is… Jack!

      3.26.09 - 2:40 am

  38. Kim Kalyn -

    You just made me want an orange! I am addicted right now too…they are just so darn refreshing. Oooohhhh I just LOVE Reese and haven’t seen the new Elle, so I’ll have to scoop that up – thanks for the head’s up πŸ™‚

      3.26.09 - 3:06 am

  39. Megan Beth -

    Shut your eyes girl. I know you didn’t just see my boyfriend Sawyers bare chest….them fightin’ words πŸ™‚

    So last night I dialed your number , and you actually picked up and I was like, holy crap I’m talking to J* on the phone and SHE KNOWS WHO I AM!…And then I woke up. Sad, but true.

      3.26.09 - 3:25 am

  40. Alyssa Dawn Photo -

    Reese is my idol! I adore her!

      3.26.09 - 3:48 am

  41. Tina -

    I LOVE me some Sawyer! I love the nasty hair, witty sarcasm, the scruff. And to know his wife is Asian in real life. Ugh….. I could have been his wife…….

      3.26.09 - 5:31 am

  42. Apple -

    haha. i’m going on the cut-the-sweet-track too. how about trying frozen yoghurt jas? as they say, it’s just like ice cream, minus the guilt! +there’s all those live microorganisms too!;)

      3.26.09 - 11:40 am

  43. Apple -

    my comments do not show up.. πŸ™

      3.26.09 - 11:59 am

  44. michele b -

    i don’t know about anyone else, but i find Sayid to be the hottest guy on the island! there is just something about those eyes and that hair! i don’t care if i ever see his chest, he’s just so darn HOT!

      3.26.09 - 12:44 pm

  45. tish -

    ACK! You are cutting sweets from your diet??? Aren’t you afraid it might affect your work???

      3.26.09 - 1:30 pm

  46. Cailyn Huston -

    Girrrrrl. I am right there with you about Lost.. I think I was having Jack withdrawals toward the end of last year.

      3.26.09 - 1:38 pm

  47. kelly m -

    ahhh i love your blog.
    really i love reading what you have to say (even if it’s something as simple as your view of what’s going on around you) almost as much as i love your posts of your photography.
    love, random person from charlotte, nc.

      3.26.09 - 2:26 pm

  48. mag -

    ahhh Jack and Sawyer! ::dreamy:: -favorite show of all time! on a side note, hope you say YES to being a guest on Scott Kelby’s blog -you must! have a splendid weekend!

      3.26.09 - 2:26 pm

  49. Becky -

    Oranges! Brilliant! I’m craving them now instead of chocolate. Thank you, although, I’m sure the chocolate cravings are inevitably going to return!

      3.26.09 - 3:13 pm

  50. Ashley -

    Oh yes yes yes I love me some Sawyer!

      3.26.09 - 3:16 pm

  51. andrea -

    I dont know how anyone could possibly dis-like reese witherspoon. she is the sweetheart of the movie scene. and you were SO right on about that photo spread. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! simply stunning .

      3.26.09 - 3:17 pm

  52. Rebecca Franklin -

    I "try" to make dinner every once in a while too…. we end up at Chic-fil-a…. I feel your pain ;o)

      3.26.09 - 3:35 pm

  53. Kathrine -

    On the sweets note…I’ve read that people (like me) who simply can’t resist (read: can’t live without) sweets, are more likely to eat fruit. Fruits are packet with natural sugars and do a lot of the same things for you as sweets, except it’s actually good for you! Beat that! So, I try (yes, I try) to reach for fruit first and usually realize how much better it tastes. I make a lot of fruit smoothies. Even the kids dig those. Love reading your blog!

      3.26.09 - 3:53 pm

  54. Alicia -

    I’d die if I cut sweets out. No really, I would. My blood is snooty and demands sugar, preferably of the fine chocolate kind. =)

      3.26.09 - 4:13 pm

  55. Jodi {In Any Event} -

    I love the Kisses and Disses series! No hard feelings on the polenta… the closest I can ever get to a plate of it is when I got to a restaurant and have someone make it for me!

      3.26.09 - 4:16 pm

  56. Ashley Rose -

    haha, well the last time i tried cooking something new i managed to have a pyrex dish explode on the stove πŸ˜‰ i stick to take out now =) love love love the kisses and disses, but sadly i fell off the LOST bandwagon… but my heart still longs for Sawyer =)

      3.26.09 - 5:24 pm

  57. Stephanie Stewart -

    You go, girl, for trying to cook! I’m sure it will turn out next time! So is this LOST show good? I must be missing out!
    Enjoy your nap, you deserve it, and I’m sure we’ll all be waiting to see how your sunrise shoot was! Can’t wait!

      3.26.09 - 5:43 pm

  58. imthiaz houseman -

    I love the 3rd and the 4th one..simply amazing! well done.

      3.26.09 - 7:52 pm

  59. rachel brooke -

    I swoon for Sawyer… my secrets are revealed when my husband looks over and sees this sloppy grin on my face when Sawyer comes into the scene. Ahh, I love me a rugged man!

      3.26.09 - 8:34 pm

  60. robin -

    LOVE your kisses & disses. but quick ? for you: why is it that in every installment, the pictures fail to show up? food for thought.

      3.26.09 - 10:21 pm

  61. Thea -

    omg you had me at ben topless.

    I also love navel oranges-pure yumminess as long as they aren’t dried out. I hate opening up an orange to find it juice less.

      3.27.09 - 12:06 pm

  62. Sarah -

    Ohhhh Lost!!! The only show on TV I watch religiously. I love it, even if I live in the small town of I-don’t-think-Sawyer-is-that-hot-ville. But Jack makes me melt….yum!

      3.27.09 - 5:13 pm

  63. aleksrachael -

    Okay I have to ask…HOW DO YOU bring you A game on 4 hours of sleep? I seriously would not be able to function!

      3.27.09 - 6:58 pm

  64. Shelly Valentine -

    When I heard you speak in Chicago…I kept thinking…she sounds just like Reese Witherspoon! I love Reese Witherspoon too!

      3.27.09 - 7:00 pm

  65. jessica @ budgetsavvybride -

    I LOVE LOST!!! And I am SO with you on loving the shirtless wonders that are gracing my television screen lately. But OMG I think my head almost exploded at the end of Wednesday’s episode!

      3.27.09 - 9:47 pm

  66. -

    I feel your pain about your eyebrows… I have gone two months without waxing them so they will be full enough to shape for my friend’s wedding…

    I heard Biotin vitamins are good for hair growth too… but I am always afraid it will make my hair grow more EVERYwhere… including places I don’t want it to, like on my legs… or… ::gasp:: my back!

      3.29.09 - 7:34 pm

  67. kristi -

    Josh Holloway is just about the finest man ever created…..I’ll triple your ‘rawr’ on that one! Whew…is it hot in here, or am I just 45??

      3.29.09 - 10:47 pm

  68. Vania -

    The next time your in a mall go in a department store that carries "Pur Minerals"-Abundant Lash and Eyebrow Enhancer. My eyebrows are coming back. Thought I would share. V

      3.29.09 - 11:31 pm

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