Kisses and Disses : LOST + Wheat Thins


So I have this thing. An issue of sorts. You see, if I see something on sale or clearance–something I might need in the next 87 years or so–I must buy it. No, really, I can’t walk away from the sale item without putting it in my basket or suffering from an anxiety attack. After endless begging one night while in Target for a fireplace broom on triple clearance (I love me some red stickers!), JD turned to me and said, We don’t even have a fireplace, why would we need a fireplace broom?!

Ummm, because one day we’ll own a fireplace and HOW WILL I CLEAN IT?!

Speaking of cleaning, I was scrubbing our bathroom last week and looked under the sink to find the following:

With my yellow cleaning gloves on, I marched up to JD and asked why he hid the…thing…the green swan…the planter…the thing I bought from Anthropologie. I paid good money for it and it was on sale and we should display it. Jas, I hid it there four months ago…and really? What is it? Oh, just something I BOUGHT ON SALE. From Anthropologie. Should I repeat that last part again because that store? It’s where cool people shop.

We went back and forth debating whether he could find the same thing at a swap meet in Mexico, and I dramatically flung my yellow hands in the air with angst. We later decided it was on sale for a reason. And, yes, I bought it because it was on sale. JD breathed a sigh of relief and asked if he could throw it away. No, silly, I said, I’m going to put it in the pile with the fireplace broom for that garage sale I want to have one day!

This leads me to another installment of Kisses+Disses

This week’s DISSES go to:
*Red sale stickers. Those little buggers are going to be the end of me!
*The rain. Internet, I live in California for a reason. It’s called The Sun.
*LOST. Dear producers at ABC, please make the show work again…because it’s not. Working, that is. Locke has too much face time and you can’t just go and add a lighthouse and mirrors when you want to. Really, let’s get it together.

This week’s KISSES go to:
*The B School Party in Las Vegas. The first year I went to WPPI, I heard of this infamous party, but it was invite only and exclusive to the cool kids (clearly I wasn’t invited). Well, the party has gotten so big throughout the years, it’s now open to everyone, so go get a ticket as it’ll be one heck of a shindig!
*Citizen of Humanity for creating a virtually amazing skinny pant. Ladies, you’ll thank me after you put on these pants…it’s like black stretch pants/jeans/comfiness all rolled into one. You can wear them with heels or boots, dressed up or down. Perfection!
*A bonus kiss goes to Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. Where would I be without them? No lie, I have three boxes in my pantry. BECAUSE THEY WERE ON SALE.