Kisses+Disses : Boardwalk + Pace Setters


You can’t do that, I huffed as I ran to catch up with him. Then he sprinted again. Frustrated, I caught up to him. I told JD we didn’t need a pace setter, we were just running. We weren’t training for a marathon or part of a running club…it was just us, running on a dirt path in Orange County. And, no, Jillian Michaels was not going to jump out of a bush any time soon.

This led to an entire discussion about my competitive nature (JD asserted I wasn’t able to follow his lead), to which I scoffed…and jogged a few paces ahead of him. After a few strides with me at his side, he turned to me and said, I bet you were the type of kid who toppled the Monopoly game if you didn’t own Boardwalk…

Internet, I married a man WHO CAN SEE INTO MY PAST.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses…

This week’s Disses go to…
*The bird poo on my newly washed car.
*Every kid who owned Boardwalk before I had the chance to buy it.
*My refrigerator breaking down…do you know how much frozen FAKEN (fake bacon) I had to throw away?!

This week’s Kisses go to…
*Hot yoga. Remember when I said couldn’t stand it? I lied. It’s amazing and I love it…even if I’m still the only person to crawl out of class, wiping my eyes from the sweat (and tears).
*Summer fruits. I’m sure I single-handedly keep California produce farmers in business.
*Being a great pace setter (I kid, JD…I kid).

Happy Wednesday!