Kisses+Disses : Gas Tanks + Mad Men


If you’d heard me babble in the past, you’d know I’m obsessed with gas. Like, obsessed in a way that prevents me from driving with less than half a tank. So one might imagine my horror when JD drives until the gas light appears. This might not be a big deal if he hadn’t run out of gas twice (once while on the freeway and I SAW MY LIFE FLASH BEFORE MY EYES), but his track record freaks me out.

And if you reeeeally know me, you’d know about that one time JD didn’t want to get gas before we left to a wedding and that conversation resulted in redefining our roles in the business, but let’s save that story for another post because it’s Monday and there aren’t enough CAP LOCKS and exclamation points I can use to convey my thoughts.

Last Friday we visited with our accountant (blech), but planned to spend the afternoon at the beach after the meeting (holllla!). Once we left the beach and made our way home, our car shook, stuttered, and puttered out. At a red light, our car wouldn’t start. AND THEN I SAW THE GAS GAUGE. For the third time in our lives, JD ran out of gas. Again. I slid into the driver’s seat (like a freaking pro) and JD pushed the car.

Once JD got back from the gas station, he turned to me and said I should be thankful because he taught me how to deal with running out of gas. Yup, that’s my husband. Finding a silver lining where there isn’t one…and teaching me how to drive in neutral.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to…
*Less than half-full gas tanks. After three run-outs, am I not justified in being precautious?!
*Taxes. It’s April…how could I not diss Uncle Sam?
*Throwing out my back. Yes, again…

This week’s KISSES go to…
*The Hunger Games Movie. Of course, a movie is never as good as the book, but this film came really darn close and Katniss is my new best friend.
*Birthday Week. We’ve been celebrating since last Friday (nothing says aging with grace like pushing a car through Friday traffic!) because this week I’m ringing in another year of my life!
*Mad Men. I know, I’m just another person tooting of this show’s awesomeness, but let’s be real…Don Draper? He could star in a half-baked sitcom and I’d still watch…while dabbing the dribble from my chin. I’m sure he never runs out of gas. Oooooh, I just went THERE.

Happy Monday!