Kitchen Envy

Kitchen Envy


I’m inspired to cook when I watch the Food Network. The thing that drives me wild are all the fancy pots, the tiny ramequins filled with spices, and glass measuring cups. Augh. All the cuteness just kills me. So much so, I want to get up off the couch and cook. Well, sorta.

You see, when JD and I first got married, we were broke and since we had a really small wedding, I never had the luxury of a wedding registry. When we moved into our new place as husband and wife, I simply brought along the cookware I owned while I was in law school. Which basically meant one day I cleared out the cooking section of Pic-N-Save, complete with mismatched pans and garlic shaped dish towels. I wish I was joking.

It wasn’t until last month when our friends stayed a few days with us that I realized our kitchen goods were ridiculous. Because my forks? THEY BEND.

In December I made the decision to buy two nice kitchen things a month until we refurbished our supplies. Or I lose the garlic shaped towels. JD was thrilled with this idea and seeing his excitement proved what I wanted to buy him for Christmas: pots. Yes, Internet, I bought my husband pots and pans for Christmas. And before you’re eyes bulge from all my extravagant gift-giving abilities, I bought him knives too. Can you handle all my wildness?!

I’m slowly working my way toward kitchen envy. To be more specific, I hope one day Giada De Laurentiis stops by my house and when she sees my kitchen she’ll think to herself, Wow, I’m so jealous of Jasmine’s pans… And then I’ll tell her (because I can read her thoughts) if she likes the pans, just wait until she sees my garlic shaped dish towels!

As a reminder, I’ll be on the The B School Study Hall today for a LIVE interview answering your questions at 4pm PST. I’ll be chatting about everything under the sun, so if you have anything you’d like to ask, bring it on! To see the live stream, CLICK HERE to party on the web with us! 🙂

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  1. Angel Canary -

    LOL I know exactly what you mean. We had 7 guests and every few months we add something new for a few years now. We saved all of the old stuff for the oldest, so she can have our old towels and pots and pans.

      1.21.10 - 6:35 pm

  2. matt -

    only buy all-clad. buy the best. it will last.

      1.21.10 - 6:52 pm

  3. Tira J -

    Oh Jasmine! How we love you! You totally crack me up by cleaning out the aisles at Pic n Save now Big Lots! ahem…. It takes time to build up your arsenal of good kitchen supplies in order to deliver some amazing items to the table. David and I invested in Le Creuset pots and wusthof knives a few years back and they have changed the way we cook, and how our food tastes. If you want to invest in some more cookware, you should check them out. Seriously, they are amazing, and I am not even the cook in our marriage! And, if you want to check out some of our recipes for your kitchen envy, come over to my blog on Wednesdays! Next step is to have a HUGE kitchen to continue using these amazing tools. My new thing is to buy David one thing a month for our kitchen from William & Sonoma. Our favorite place!!! Love ya girl and can’t wait to see what you mix up in the kitchen!

      1.21.10 - 6:53 pm

  4. Renee W -

    I love this! Everyone deserves a well stocked kitchen and yes, it should be cute too!! When my girls caught married I was so envious of all their great new stuff (from all the stores like William-Sonoma, Crate & Barrell, Pottery Barn) that I have been replacing all my old "olive green" things now! Yep, almost everything matches now and I love it!!!!

      1.21.10 - 6:55 pm

  5. Alicia Swedenborg -

    Hi J*! During study hall can you please explain: when you do off camera lighting and have set up your Photoflex LightDome, with a flash and then I guess a cord to one PocketWizard? And on your camera you have a flash AND a PocketWizard? How do you get them both on the camera?! I’m confused… Can’t wait to hear you at the Study Hall! (even though it’s at 2 am in Sweden) 😉

      1.21.10 - 7:00 pm

  6. Danielle Simone -

    Hi Jasmine!
    My son has a Drs. appt at 4, so I cannot watch 🙁
    I will ask my question here and hopefully you will mention it during the study hall 🙂
    How do you come up with things to blog about? You are so much more than just photography, which I love. What is your advice for keeping it fresh on the blog????

      1.21.10 - 7:00 pm

  7. Miz B -

    I am inspired to EAT when I watch the Food Network. Especially Diner, Drive ins and Dives.

    I love Ina’s kitchen.
    I love Ina. Period.

      1.21.10 - 7:07 pm

  8. andie -

    Good for you! I am all about cooking and over the last 6 years I have upgraded my cookware. I have upgraded to Le Creuset, Calphalon, and Wusthof and it is amazing how much more I WANT to cook now that I have the proper tools! Congrats and happy cooking!

      1.21.10 - 7:09 pm

  9. Rachel -

    I usually just read and enjoy but I must comment today. So you know dear Jasmine – you are not alone – for Christmas this year my husband and I got each other a whole new set of pots and pans. It has been a miraculous transformation – the pots and pan s – ALL have LIDS! It is a amazing! Knives are next on our list.

      1.21.10 - 7:11 pm

  10. Emily Hayes -

    I have a great cook book recomendation that you can test out all your new pots and pans on. Its called the Weeknight Cook from William Sonoma (

    The recipies are simple, easy, healthy, and perfect for a busy professional!

      1.21.10 - 7:20 pm

  11. sarah -

    heck, i think i’ll just buy my husband a chef… :o)

      1.21.10 - 7:30 pm

  12. Noa -

    I’m a new follower of your blog, so, HELLO! I have a love/hate relationship with Giada – I love her but sometimes she irks me so much with how she insists on pronouncing certain things with an Italian accent (mozzzzzarellllla, anyone?). When she has her family over even they roll their eyes at her! That being said, I HEART her kitchen, views and equipment. Le sigh. BTW, I also had a small destination wedding (Tuscany) and didn’t get to benefit from a registry.

      1.21.10 - 7:30 pm

  13. Chris c. -

    I love all things pretty especially in the kitchen. I have to settle for Pier 1 for now and splurge once in a while in William Sonoma. Truly $ well spent was a good ‘can opener’ vs the $1 one I kept buying in the last 10 years. My next ‘splurge’ is a good peeler. Glide! Baby glide!

      1.21.10 - 7:33 pm

  14. Lisa -

    I buy my husband (or encourage him to buy) pots and pans all the time because HE COOKS YUMMY THINGS WITH THEM. As far as I’m concerned, an investment in a pot or a pan – and needless to say, he only likes EXPENSIVE pots and pans – is an investment in continued gustatory happiness 🙂 Alas, what do his delicious meals get served on? The el cheapo glass dinnerware that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond about 8 years ago… Oh, and we have bendy forks, too – we just think of them as entertainment for our guests!

      1.21.10 - 7:46 pm

  15. m Inland Empire Wedding Photographer -

    cant wait. talking about envy, I cant wait to here what your thoughts are about the whole PDN thing.

      1.21.10 - 7:51 pm

  16. Lydia -

    Ahhh, I know what you mean! Pretty things just make cooking so much more fun, and the right tools make it doable! As a single gal fortunate enough to live with my family, I’m trying to resist buying those adorable Anthropologie measuring cups!

      1.21.10 - 7:52 pm

  17. Ginger Murray -

    I can never watch the food network, and I’m a foodie! It’s just because it makes me SO hungry!! Haha.

      1.21.10 - 8:05 pm

  18. Stephanie Stewart -

    I want to see the garlic shaped towels!!!

      1.21.10 - 8:06 pm

  19. Paul -

    After 13 years of the same dishes from when my wife and I got married – plain white corning ware – I got her all new place settings for Christmas. She loved them. My kids think they are great to because they are square like all the plates they use on Food Network. The only thing is that they now pretend they are on Food Network and critique everything I cook like it’s an episode of Iron Chef!

      1.21.10 - 8:06 pm

  20. alex.kruk photography -

    I cook everyday. I cook for family of five and since we are still kinda broke we have everything from ROSS 😉 My dream though is not to get everything shiny and new for my kitchen but eat out 😀 everyday !… and move my life to another level that I wouldnt have to spend half of my day in the kitchen.
    Your post are so good!

      1.21.10 - 8:09 pm

  21. Carrie -

    I could not possibly love this post anymore! The day our new knives came in from a very generous friend as a late wedding gift, my husband called me to find out what was in our house that could be chopped. I’m tellin’ you, men love their knives.

      1.21.10 - 8:19 pm

  22. Marissa Rodriguez -

    My hubby and I were JUST talking about all the kitchen stuff we want to get. But for now, my bendy silverware will have to do hehe! Fun post!

      1.21.10 - 8:21 pm

  23. Jen Johnson -

    I’ve been upgrading my kitchen over the last few years and even did a major remodel. When I got granite and stainless appliances, I realized the rest needed to match. Ha! The great thing about getting new cookware is it makes me want to use it all the more. Kinda like new gym clothes…oh, wait…

      1.21.10 - 8:29 pm

  24. Jess -

    Hey Jasmine,

    My husband and I are huge foodies, we cook pretty well and LOVE kitchen gadgets. I know you are a vegetarian, and Wes and I have been trying to eat less meat this year. I discovered a lentil soup that was FANTASTIC and very easy to make… Especially with those new pots you got your hubby for Christmas! Here is a link for the soup:

    super easy to make and crazy good!!!

      1.21.10 - 8:34 pm

  25. Pol -

    My forks also bend! That measuring cup is awesome. Love it totally. The measurements can’t wash off!

      1.21.10 - 8:38 pm

  26. Kelly Green -

    He, he!! This made me chuckle, do you know why?? Because I have had the same crockery since I first got married 9 years ago, and it is chipped, scratched and most of it I have broken in my clumsiness! I finally treated myself to some lovely new shiny white crockery yesterday and I am one happy lady!

      1.21.10 - 8:42 pm

  27. shannon leith -

    pretty pretty pretty!

      1.21.10 - 8:46 pm

  28. Hannah -

    Nothing wrong with pots for a Christmas present! My boyfriend got me a bright yellow Le Creuset dutch oven for Christmas and I was THRILLED! I love kitchen stuff. 🙂

      1.21.10 - 8:47 pm

  29. Ashley -

    I bought J a big cutting board for Christmas and I tell ya, he’s never been more surprised or stoked! And we’ve pretty much cooked every non-beef Giada recipe so if you’re looking for a recommendation, I gotcha covered (:

      1.21.10 - 9:28 pm

  30. Angelica -

    Where is this cup from?! I love it!

      1.21.10 - 9:28 pm

  31. cindee bae -

    funny, my bf bought me a kitchen knife set for our 7 year anniversary.. So romantic…. lol!

      1.21.10 - 9:32 pm

  32. s h e r r y -

    Haha, you’re hilarious, Jasmine! 🙂 Garlic shaped towels sound pretty awesome… 🙂

      1.21.10 - 9:35 pm

  33. Marcie -

    I don’t know where I read this, but Giada has her own line of cookware with Target!

    Plus, the kitchen on her new show is not the kitchen in her house! How deceiving!

      1.21.10 - 9:53 pm

  34. Damaris Mia -

    Awww 🙂
    Well I was fortunate to have the luxury of putting together a wedding registry at not one or two locations, but THREE! I couldn’t make up my mind. I got married November 2009 and while we’re currently looking a place to live (we are staying at his parents’ house), our lovely gifts are camping out in their garage. AND it sucks… because my hubby won’t let me open anything until we get our own place.

      1.21.10 - 9:55 pm

  35. aaron -

    So how many kitchen Goods you owned, j*? JD must be really like cooking…Get a Kitchen Aid Mixer..very useful tool. Show us some photos of the food that you or JD cooked!!..

      1.21.10 - 9:56 pm

  36. Katie Mauer -

    I asked for – and got! – new pots/pants, knives, and a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas and COULD NOT have been more excited!!! I LOVE kitchen gadgets! You should see my kitchen.

      1.21.10 - 9:59 pm

  37. MelissaFoscardo -

    Aw, man, I was hoping you’d post a picture of those garlic-shaped dish towels!

      1.21.10 - 10:03 pm

  38. Evie Perez -

    My co-worker introduced me to Cuisinart pots and pans. I have not bought them but I want do!!!

      1.21.10 - 10:17 pm

  39. Krista -

    This post made me laugh so hard because this past December, my parents (after 31 years of marriage) gave each other pots and pans and knives for Christmas. FINALLY everything matches. 🙂

      1.21.10 - 10:21 pm

  40. ashleigh -

    girl. i is obessed w/ foodnetwork!! so much so i sometimes walk around my house and pretend i am paula deen! and when i cook i make sure to use the "good" olive oil a la ina garten!!!
    i get kitchen envy, but mostly of the actual kitchen. people with lots of counterspace, sq footage, stainless steel appliances and center islands kill me. can i have that all, please??

      1.21.10 - 10:30 pm

  41. Ala -

    am i a bad wife if i don’t care or want to care about cooking? ever?

      1.21.10 - 10:38 pm

  42. Eileen Bauer -

    I absolutely love beautiful kitchen stuff. I got divorced a few years ago and the first thing I went and bought was a VERY expensive set of new pans. I wanted all new kitchen stuff.. and it was really the only thing I invested in when I got divorced.. everything just tastes better! LOL

      1.21.10 - 11:56 pm

  43. Brittney -

    too cute 🙂 love it and you! 🙂

      1.22.10 - 1:21 am

  44. Naomi -

    I’m with ya! I LOVE the Food Network. And I actually ASKED for nice knives and a nice cutting board for Christmas one year! I’m practical like that–no jewelry for me. And this year, I got a cast iron pan at a gift exchange and have been absolutely delighted by it!

      1.22.10 - 1:35 am

  45. Tammi S. -

    LOL you seriously have not only a talent with the camera but with creative writing. I always get a chuckle reading your blogs =)

    you can be the next Julia Child!

      1.22.10 - 2:16 am

  46. Sarah -

    That is such a good idea!! Love it 🙂

      1.22.10 - 2:24 am

  47. Jenne -

    Love it so much! Love cooking and love cookware! In fact, I got an amazing knife set and The Joy of Cooking for Christmas!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

      1.22.10 - 2:36 am

  48. Maria Glassford -

    I totally love all the little goodies the cooks use on the Food Network too!! Considering our house is typically the "hosting" house when it comes to events, I totally know what you mean about feeling inadequate! Keep it real!! You rock!! 🙂

      1.22.10 - 2:46 am

  49. EBPitcher -

    When I was young and single, I decided to splurge and buy myself a 12 place settings of really nice silverware. Best investment I ever made! One of my pet peeves is flimsy silverware!

      1.22.10 - 2:53 am

  50. Kia Gregory -

    Um, holy internet, Batman, you know how to hold a party. OK, well it was really Becker’s party BUT you packed the house. Good to see you live @study hall! Thanks!

      1.22.10 - 3:08 am

  51. feuza -

    I never had a bridal shower so I can soooooo relate, been married 5 years and still dont have complete sets, getting there though

      1.22.10 - 3:15 am

  52. Lisa H. Chang -

    I want to see a picture of the garlic shaped dish towels!!!

      1.22.10 - 4:08 am

  53. Patrick Farrington -

    When I read that you got knives for JD I was reminded of a line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Scrooged. "I never liked a girl well enough to give her twelve sharp knives."

    I also want to see photos of the garlic shaped towels 🙂

      1.22.10 - 5:42 am

  54. Sopheavy Hall -

    I’m sure in a year or two your kitchen will be the envy of all. What’s funny is for Christmas, I told my husband all I wanted was a $14.99 microplane grater/zester and nothing else! You should get one!!!!But i couldn’t wait till Christmas and bought myself 2. and oh, at my house, we don’t watch Giada anymore because I get too jealous lol! so instead we watch Good Eats! isn’t that lame of me?

      1.22.10 - 6:42 am

  55. Melanie -

    I love looking in the kitchenware stores, but have issues narrowing down what I "need" or want. Buying one or two things a month is a perfect solution

      1.22.10 - 10:35 am

  56. Rachel B. -

    Oh, Jasmine, you are just so dang cute and fun and personable. I hope all of your kitchen dreams come true and I so enjoyed seeing you and Becker last night at the study hall. Thanks for sharing all of your great tips. You are the best!

      1.22.10 - 12:58 pm

  57. Linda Sherrill -

    I would love to have time to learn how to cook…can totally relate to your PikNSave kitchen utensils. All ours came from garage sales.
    You’ve inspired me. I’m updating my Pyrex!

      1.22.10 - 2:27 pm

  58. Heather Corporan -

    I too have kitchen envy. I watch the shows on FN and find myself remember the gear they used more than the food/recipes they cooked LOL. My kitchen ‘stuff’ was acquired much like yours was – so every year around christmas time, when things are super cheap (black friday is good for this!) I buy myself something new. Good for you J!

      1.22.10 - 2:59 pm

  59. Nina -

    hi jasmine! i really enjoyed your online chat yesterday with becker! you def. provided me with a lot of great pointers and info. this newbie wedding photog feels a little more confident. 🙂

    anyway, i think kitchen ware makes for great gifts! my fiance got me a dishwasher for valentine’s day one year and it’s been one of my favorite gifts.

      1.22.10 - 3:04 pm

  60. Dawn Beirnes -

    our kitchen…….EPIC fail. Ok, now I’m just sad!

      1.22.10 - 3:32 pm

  61. Becka @Studio222 Photography -

    Loved you on the B school last night. I cracked up when after you said something about loving oatmeal with bananas, I wrote in that pumpkin was good in it too and Becker looked at the screen confused and said "yummy…pumpkin…oats? What?" while you were talking. HAHA!

      1.22.10 - 3:51 pm

  62. Becka @Studio222 Photography -

    Loved you on the B school last night. I cracked up when after you said something about loving oatmeal with bananas, I wrote in that pumpkin was good in it too and Becker looked at the screen confused and said "yummy…pumpkin…oats? What?" while you were talking. HAHA!

      1.22.10 - 3:51 pm

  63. Becka @Studio222 Photography -

    Loved you on the B school last night. I cracked up when after you said something about loving oatmeal with bananas, I wrote in that pumpkin was good in it too and Becker looked at the screen confused and said "yummy…pumpkin…oats? What?" while you were talking. HAHA!

      1.22.10 - 3:51 pm

  64. Violetta Jackowski -

    So where is the photo of the dish towels?!

      1.22.10 - 4:04 pm

  65. Trude -

    Hey don’t feel too bad, there’s nothing like a good set of pots and pans to make your cooking life easier!!

      1.22.10 - 5:00 pm

  66. Jessica -

    Congrats on the nom for best photography weblog!! You got my vote hands down! Good Luck!

    PS I want a kitchen makeover too.. and I had the registries… My problem was I didn’t cook before I was married so I didn’t know what I needed to register for! haha…

      1.22.10 - 6:47 pm

  67. amanda thiessen -

    okay, we need to see these dish towels!!

      1.22.10 - 8:42 pm

  68. erika -

    I had about 3 pans and 1 pot for the last 4 years. Right before Christmas, with all the sales going on, I finally bought myself a nice set for about $80 after coupons and all that. I never thought I’d get so excited about cookware! Food Network really gets to people! haha

      1.24.10 - 11:21 pm

  69. lmphoto -

    jasmine, if you are ever in tampa, would love to host you for dinner — trading cooking tips for photo tips!

      1.25.10 - 12:47 pm

  70. Thomas Lester -

    yeah… I’m hoping Giada stops by my house too! I think you and I are in the same boat. I have bits and pieces of nice stuff (some All-Clad, Wustoff, etc). But it’s totally random. I need to fill out the collection so I don’t look like I raided a garage sale!

      1.25.10 - 6:19 pm

  71. Leyla -

    Oh how much I share your pain… I LOVE to cook & bake, and there are so many things on my current Kitchen-Update wishlist, it’s not even funny!!

      2.4.10 - 5:13 pm

  72. Samantha Stortecky -

    So this is a totally overdue comment! I was in the same boat when I first got married. We had just moved to Wisconsin and I knew nobody and had no money. We found a nice church and the second they met us they decided they wanted to plan and throw our entire wedding. While putting together my wedding registry (and realizing how measly it was) I found out that my mom, who is a Pampered Chef consultant had received throughout the years a bunch of free product from them. So she saved it all in my hope chest and gave it to me when I got married. So I didn’t need to put ANY kitchen stuff on my registry. I wasn’t even married yet and already had my entire kitchen bought! So the point of this long story is that you should seriously invest in Pampered Chef! They are possibly the BEST kitchen supplies on earth. If you go to their website you can find a consultant around where you live and ask for a catalog. Seriously, Pampered Chef is amazing, you could even host a cooking show in your house! My mother does it for a living! I may live in a tiny apartment but my kitchen is totally awesome. ^_^ Here is their website:

      4.7.10 - 6:14 pm

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