Kitchen Envy


I’m inspired to cook when I watch the Food Network. The thing that drives me wild are all the fancy pots, the tiny ramequins filled with spices, and glass measuring cups. Augh. All the cuteness just kills me. So much so, I want to get up off the couch and cook. Well, sorta.

You see, when JD and I first got married, we were broke and since we had a really small wedding, I never had the luxury of a wedding registry. When we moved into our new place as husband and wife, I simply brought along the cookware I owned while I was in law school. Which basically meant one day I cleared out the cooking section of Pic-N-Save, complete with mismatched pans and garlic shaped dish towels. I wish I was joking.

It wasn’t until last month when our friends stayed a few days with us that I realized our kitchen goods were ridiculous. Because my forks? THEY BEND.

In December I made the decision to buy two nice kitchen things a month until we refurbished our supplies. Or I lose the garlic shaped towels. JD was thrilled with this idea and seeing his excitement proved what I wanted to buy him for Christmas: pots. Yes, Internet, I bought my husband pots and pans for Christmas. And before you’re eyes bulge from all my extravagant gift-giving abilities, I bought him knives too. Can you handle all my wildness?!

I’m slowly working my way toward kitchen envy. To be more specific, I hope one day Giada De Laurentiis stops by my house and when she sees my kitchen she’ll think to herself, Wow, I’m so jealous of Jasmine’s pans… And then I’ll tell her (because I can read her thoughts) if she likes the pans, just wait until she sees my garlic shaped dish towels!

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