Korey and Josh : Wedding


Their story began in college and the plot thickened over time. Korey and Josh fell in love a few years ago, but they love as if they’ve been together since forever began. Korey looked forward to the smallest pleasures of their wedding at Rancho Las Lomas—like Josh wearing a wedding band for her, and his pledge in front of their friends and family to love her until the end of time—and was certain their life together would be perfect.

Korey is an absolutely articulate and well-read girl who explains love, marriage, and finding a soul mate as something you don’t not know. And, yes, she’s fully aware of the double negative. I don’t think that one day you just know that the person is right for you; it’s that you slowly begin to lose every bit of protest within you and accept that the person is less and less wrong for you, and then you know.

It’s with this mindset and the acceptance of lesser wrongs, that Korey and Josh stood before their loved ones and said I Do. They are perfectly suited, matched, and molded for each other and their lives are destined for great things together.

Korey and Josh…I can’t thank you enough for sharing your day with me, meeting your amazing friends and family, and showing me people from Detroit really know how to party! 🙂 I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your lives together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! Enjoy your honeymoon in Mexico and I hope you’re staying true to your promise of eating truckloads of burritos for me! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

I loved the story behind Korey’s Monique Lhuillier Swan Lake Wedding Dress. She never expected to fall in love with it, but once she saw herself in the mirror while shopping for her dream wedding dress, it easily became The One! 🙂

Korey’s hair and makeup was done by Andrea of Something Blue Stylists

Korey and Josh opted for a First Look and met each other before the wedding ceremony for pictures. Their moments together were beautiful and intimate…I love when clients see each other earlier for pictures because it makes the day so much more fun and relaxing! They wanted to spend as much as possible with friends and family, so taking pictures beforehand achieves just this! LOVE IT!

As Korey’s bridesmaids walked her across the Rancho Las Lomas bride, I immediately started shooting because the light was insanely gorgeous…

…and then I asked Josh to to join Korey because I couldn’t get enough of it…this was JD’s angle

…and this was my angle.

A blog reader (Hi Brandy!) asked if I could post a wedding party photo and this is one of my favorites. I love the backlighting on everyone and the fact that you can see the venue (which the bride simply adores) in the background.

A special thanks goes to Fantasy Floral Designs for their hard work in making everything beautiful

With a few minutes to go before the ceremony, Korey placed her veil….

…it was actually four minutes and 44 seconds before the start of the ceremony to be precise! 🙂 Korey downloaded the We Did Wedding Countdown application for her iPhone to ensure everything was on time…my kind of girl! 🙂

Korey, I love your laugh!

JD captured this shot…

Korey worked hard at creating her wedding details and it totally paid off! 🙂

To see more of their wedding photos, CLICK HERE for a slidehshow!