Kristin Brancaleone : Anytime


She’s magnetic. As in, Kristin draws people into her sphere, and she’s cute enough to placed–in miniature form–on your refrigerator. I met Kristin less than two years ago, but she’s become one of the people I love working with in the wedding industry. Her blooming business, The Treasured Petal, splashed onto the scene and she’s been blowing brides’ minds ever since.

Beyond Kristin’s talent, her bubbly personality, kind demeanor, and down right git-er-done has made her one of the fastest growing floral designers. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with her more than any other florist since the inception of my business, which is a great thing because I adore her attention to detail. Much to my delight, she scheduled an Anytime session and I was over-the-moon excited to have a chance to get her in front of my camera!

Kristin decided to be photographed in Modjeska Canyon, at a garden she played in during childhood. It was a beautiful day and here are a few of my favs…

See?!? Isn’t she so darn cute?! 🙂

I’m not going to lie…when I saw the bouquets, I started plotting ways I could steal them after the shoot! 😉

Kristin brought her dogs to the shoot (many thanks to her amazing husband, Joe, for being the best dog-sitter, assistant, idea maker ever!) and they couldn’t be any more adorable…

I can’t explain why, but I love this photo. I think it’s because Kristin is at her truest form with two creatures–Pesto and Basil–she loves the most.

Special thanks to Loann of Let’s Get Beautified for Kristin’s hair and makeup…

Fierce. Way fierce.

Happy Monday!