LA Athletic Club Engagement : Anne+Cory


It may or may not have been the red Juicy Couture sweat pants. But they definitely helped. They became Anne’s signature, of sorts. Every day upon coming home from a lonnnng day at work, she’s slip out of her Louboutin’s and into her red sweats, lounging in her Hermosa Beach apartment. He noticed her, and she noticed Cory. From a distance. It wasn’t until one day Anne’s roommate insisted she meet their neighbor, Cory. So she did. In her red sweatpants. And she was smitten from the outset.

A bit later, when she wasn’t in sweatpants, she saw Cory while driving in their neighborhood and made up an excuse to hang out. She pulled up next to him and chatted. What? You’re going to the bank? That’s funny…I’m…umm…going to the…ummm….store. Which is right next to the bank. Want a ride?

And that’s how their relationship started. Seven years later, Cory proposed on a trip to Paris where they walked hand-in-hand and roamed the cobbled streets together. And, no, Anne didn’t take her red sweatpants to Paris. But she still proudly wears them til this day. Afterall, she snagged her fiance with them, so they must be good luck.

I, too, was lucky to shoot Anne and Cory’s engagement session in Downtown last week at the Los Angeles Athletic Club…it’s a gorgeous venue and I was excited to shoot in a new place. Lucky for us, Cory’s family owns the venue, so we had access to every room, nook, and cranny. Oh happy day.


The Wine Room with an antler light fixture? Yes, please.

That’s Cory’s Great Grandfather in the right corner…

Yes, the Los Angeles Athletic Club has a pool…and a killer rooftop deck…

Anne, you’re beautiful.

To see more of Anne and Cory’s Los Angeles Athletic Club engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!