LA Central Library Engagement : Amber+Matt


Pentecost. It was written on a post-it note in large letters and placed insider her binder. There were other notes as well, but Matt noticed only the one with the block letters. Afterall, it was his last name. And why on earth did that cute girl have his name on a post-it note? Amber sat uncomfortably at his table and wondered why that other teacher was staring at her binder. Yes, she had a long-distance crush him, but his gaze made her uncomfortable. Amber hoped he’d get back to focusing on their school faculty meeting, but at the break, he stopped her and asked about the post-it. It’s a play I’m working on, Amber replied and explained she had no idea it was also his surname.

That was the day Pentecost changed things.

Amber and Matt chatted that day and he discovered her affinity for chocolate, and she discovered his calloused hands from his athletic training as a shot put thrower. The next day–at yet another faculty meeting–Matt brought her homemade cookies and Amber brought him an exfoliating scrub. And they’ve been together ever since. Eating chocolate, exfoliating, and teaching high school. Together. And they will make Forever official this August. They planned an engagement session at Los Angeles Central Library and we spent the afternoon enjoying the sun, the books, and, of course, the love.

We started the engagement session just outside LA Central Library because the light was great and we could make some noise…

One of the biggest compliments I could ever receive is shooting a sibling wedding. Ever. I photographed Heather and Gian’s wedding two years ago, so when Amber (Heather’s sister) got engaged, I was lucky enough to get a phone call. Love it! 🙂

Special thanks to Eunice (for Bobbi Brown) and Haleh from Chess and Burman Salon for making Amber look particularly rawr.

Then we ventured inside Los Angeles Central Library for more engagement photos…

…and Amber was totally okay working it for the camera surrounded by books. Love it!

Amber’s thesis was based on author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, so this photo is quite appropriate…

To see more of Amber and Matt’s LA Central Library engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Friday!