Labor Day 2010 … and Austin Powers


This is my fourth Labor Day as an independent business owner. I usually work on national holidays because…well…I don’t know why, exactly. It’s a mixture of loving what I do, timelines, and having a type-a personality. I’m really happy to say that I’m headed to Santa Barbara today and I plan on enjoying the drive up the coast…as well as dining at my favorite restaurants.

In other random news, I wore an outfit to Erica and Brian’s wedding a couple weeks ago and it’s haunting me. Just the mere mention of MY RUFFLED SHIRT and I feel queasy. You see, I thought the outfit would be cute. In my head. When I asked for JD’s opinion of it before leaving for the wedding, he ran in the other direction and cited having to water his pet rock collection. I should have known then.

I, apparently, wanted to give Austin Powers a run for his money with my outfit. Or dreamed of being a backup singer for Liberache…

Happy Labor Day!