Laguna Beach Engagement : Rodhelen+David


She worked seven days in a row, but enjoyed the following seven days of respite a bit more. Rodhelen worked in Northern California and wondered when her crazy work schedule might open for love. Her friends encouraged her to email a great guy in Southern California who had the same seven-day work schedule because he’d be a great friend who understood the demands the medical world often presented. They emailed and texted and soon discovered they enjoyed their daily correspondence.

On a whim, David flew to meet Rodhelen for ice cream at the Stanford Shopping Center. Over Haagen Das, they connected on a deeper level, leaving David with the desire to truly know the beautiful girl who sat across from him. When he asked how he knew Rodhelen was the girl of his dreams, he responded by saying it was in thanks to his refrigerator. When she visited his house, she organized the items in his fridge and lined everything up perfectly. This girl, he thought to himself, is a neat freak like me…we’re bound to get along wonderfully!

David’s intuition was right and three years after they met, they plan to wed at Pelican Hill Resort in September. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other better at Laguna Beach and I’m excited for their wedding this fall!

Oh, Rodhelen…go ON!!!!

Rodhelen is originally from Hawaii so the beach at sunset feels like home…David’s first date was planned at Half Bay Moon Resort, so having engagement photos along the coast was special for the both of them…

Many thanks to Joyce Luck for a lovely job with hair and makeup…

David is so caring and attentive with Rodhelen…I love it! Speaking of Rodhelen, I have to take a minute to commend her for being such a great sport. She booked me online, so we finally met in person at the engagement session. For the entirety of the session, I pronounced her name Rod-Helen, but it wasn’t until the end when she suggested pronouncing it Rod-Deh-Lin…and then, boom, I melted into a puddle. Mortified!!! I apologized profusely, but she promised she didn’t mind because I seemed really focused on getting photos that showcased her love for David. Love her!

I’ll end on this note because it’s a good memory…just after this kiss, a wave came up and splashed us…leaving us soaked. We were laughing so hard and it might have continued if not for the shivering that shortly followed…they were SO much fun and I can’t wait for their wedding!

To see more of Rodhelen and David’s Laguna Beach engagement photos, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with Amy Stroup music provided by The Music Bed.