Lake Tekapo : New Zealand


Yesterday we drove through what could’ve been a slice of Heaven. No, really, everywhere I looked, there appeared to be a celestial element everywhere. Each bend of the road brought forth new beauty and, yes, even the sheep looked beautiful. Despite the jet-lag, JD and I are loving every minute of our time here in New Zealand thus far. We stayed the night at Lake Tekapo and I feel like my soul has found it’s resting place. It’s gorgeous I could cry. We’re off for a hike right now, but here are a few snap shots of our day thus far….

Our awesome hotel…

Umm, yeah. There are just random farm houses that make smile…

I swear. I swear this was a toe-touch….JD just captured it at the wrong moment. Swear.

Hey, Mom, I’m excited!

We’re off to Queenstown for the day and plan to spend New Year watching the sunrise together….I wish you all a very happy New Year and may 2010 bring nothing but happiness and joy!